About Dallas Marshall

Hello, my name is Dallas Marshall. I have been fascinated by anime ever since I was ten years old; it all happened when I discovered Pokemon and I have never looked back! I joined Green Tea Graffiti and became the anime lead. Keep up with all that I do in the world of anime and gaming by staying tuned to Green Tea Graffiti!

3 Hateworthy Anime Characters

Are there any characters, villains or heroes, that have little to no redeeming qualities, that you have no choice but to hate them? Here are some of ours.

AniMania: Welcome to the NHK!

What do you get when you take one reclusive paranoid schizophrenic; a gynophobic anime otaku; and a sweet but secretive cutie-pie? You get the craziness that is Welcome to the NHK!

GTG hangs out with HOME MADE KAZOKU

If you haven’t listened to the hip-hop of Japan, there’s no better group to intro yourself than HOME MADE KAZOKU. We hang out with them to get their thoughts on music, growing up, and more.

7 Iconic Kanno Yoko Pieces

March 18th marks the birthday of famed anime music composer Kanno Yoko! So, we gathered a list some of best works to date. What’s your favorite?

5 Funny Anime Odd Couples

Valentine’s Day and romantic couples go hand-in-hand. But what about those couples that are meant for humor? There are a lot, especially in anime.

AniMeh: Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead is a manga/anime that provides the answer to the ancient question: “What would win? Boobies, or zombies?”

AniMazing: FLCL

FLCL is out of control. Robots busting out from a boy’s cranium, aliens making his life a living hell…all in a tale about growing up.


A sci-fi western that feels like a counterfeit Cowboy Bebop and Trigun, GUNxSWORD isn’t as banging and sharp as its title makes you think it to be.