GTG Mixtape: Kiss The Summer Goodbye

GTG Mixtape is a playlist put together by the GTG Staff for you, the fans. What we do is simple – we decide on a theme or title, have each staffer contribute a number of songs that they feel represent the title/theme the best, and mix it all together for your listening pleasure!

These aren’t meant to be professional mixes, but more as a gateway for listeners to enjoy music that they may or may not know. After all, we want to not only make an Asian music fan out of you, but reinforce your love for it.

So without further adieu, let’s get started!

This round’s GTG Mixtape: Kiss The Summer Goodbye

It’s been a hot and beautiful few months, but alas, here comes the time when we must Kiss The Summer Goodbye.

How did you spend your summer vacation? Did you go on some faraway adventure? Did you party up every night with the sexy ladies? Did you go for a dip in the pool, or even skinny dip in the ocean? Did you catch up on some video gaming or TV dramas? Did you do some soul searching at the beach?

After all the fun and craziness we experience every year, the summer must come to an end. With all your fun memories in mind, what music comes to mind that captures the essence of how your summer was spent?

Join us on another musical adventure with the GTG Mixtape, as we accompany your ears with this round’s megamix: Kiss the Summer Goodbye.

– The GTG Crew


00:13 – “Sore Dewa Mata Ashita” by Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Japan/rock/2012)
02:30 – “RPG” by School Food Punishment (Japan/Rock/2011)
04:56 – “Kahit Pa” by Hale (Philippines/Rock/2005)
06:40 – “Popcorn” by Shimokawa Mikuni (Pop,Rock/Japan/2003)
09:13 – “Gift” by Sakamoto Maaya (Japan/Pop/1997)
10:52 – “Egao” by Ikimonogakari (Japan/Pop,Rock/2013)
13:11 – “It’s Happy Line” by YUI (Japan/Soft Rock/2006)
15:08 – “Watashi ga Iru Yo” by Tomato Cube (Japan/Pop/2001)
17:25 – “Ikenai Taiyou” by Orange Range (Japan/Pop,Alternative Rock/2007)
19:17 – “Blue Bird” by Ikimonogakari (Japan/Pop,Rock/2008)
20:51 – “Memeshikute” by Golden Bomber (Japan/Rock/2009)
23:27 – “Bad Girl” by Bumkey feat. E.sens of Supreme Team (Korea/Hip-hop,Pop/2013)
26:02 – “Touch The Sky” by Matt Cab feat. Verbal (m-flo) (Japan/R&B/2012)
28:41 – “Passionate Goodbye” by PSY feat. Sung Si-kyung (Korea/Hip-hop/2012)
30:40 – “What’s Your Name?/Get Lucky (Mashup)” by 4minute & Daft Punk (Korea/Funk,Pop,Dance/2013)
32:31 – “Loving U” by SISTAR (Korea/Pop/2012)
34:37 – “Wonderland” by CREAM (Japan/Pop,R&B/2013)
36:59 – “Paradise” by T-Max (Korea/Pop/2009)
38:36 – “Hot Summer” by f(x) (Korea/Pop/2011)
41:05 – “I Like 2 Party” by Jay Park (Korea/Pop,Dance/2013)
43:06 – “Shock” by BEAST (Korea/Pop/2010)
45:07 – “Go GO Summer” by KARA (Japan/Pop/2011)
47:25 – “GO FOR IT!” by Nishino Kana (Japan/Pop/2012)

A few words from our contributing staffers



As it always does every year, summer has come and gone. But even before it’s officially ended, I begin to reminisce on how little I have managed to accomplish. But then, I realise no matter what kind of an event has happened, whether I decided to take an afternoon nap or how it suddenly decided to rain in the middle of the night, these memories are what will remind me of this summer. I’ve tried to represent that through my song choices and how even if you’re feeling sad or regretful of certain memories, there’s always the chance to make new ones in the future.



The exuberantly effervescent days of summer are unfortunately all too fleeting. Arriving as they do with all their warmth and splendour, yet before we even realise it, they are done and gone for good. “Wonderland” by CREAM perfectly encapsulates this energy and emotion as it seeks to make the most of every last moment of summer before it inevitably slips through our fingers.

“Egao”, or “smile”, by Ikimonogakari was the theme to the summer 2013 Pokemon film, ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens. And as with previous Pokemon summer blockbusters, it is filled with a youthful energy and drive, and hopeful optimism for tomorrow.

Lastly, “It’s Happy Lin”e is the oft forgotten other song from YUI’s one and only cinematic outing – The Midnight Sun. Yet overshadowed as it is by the wonderful main theme “Goodbye Days”, it still manages to capture that heartfelt longing for the past and unspoken yearning for the future. Instilled with all the earnest naivete of youth, it offers a perfect melody to farewell the summer gone. So whatever might happen tomorrow, remember, you’ve had today… And that is more than enough.



The end of summer often gives me a mixture of emotions. Feeling a bit refreshed after the long sunny season but also depressed about having to return to school. So I think it’s more common for many people to get the blues. The songs I’ve chosen play around with these mixed feelings and each give an uplifting message as we look forward to the oncoming season.



Summer is all about being free from school and doing whatever you want! Of course, that means playing all the games that you (most definitely should have) put off playing to focus on your studies. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to play as many games as I wanted to, but I’ve leveled up as a person. I went on trips, improved my skills towards my future job as an illustrator, and experienced many things this summer. Perhaps that’s what summer is really about – learning things that you can’t learn in school, and growing as a person.



Upon listening to some new tracks, I changed my playlist a bit during my busy times driving here and there to different places. For this set, I chose three from that list. Both “Shock” and “Memeshikute” were songs I chose to keep awake and energetic during the extremely busy summer, for both work-related activities or hanging out with friends. “Passionate Goodbye” was the song chosen to represent the friends I met only during the summer, and who I probably won’t see again until next year.



Hey guys it’s ryca! Enough with the beaches and bikinis, it’s time to suit up and hit da clubs! My first pick had to be Jay Park’s “I like to party”. P-A-R-T…Why? ‘Cause I gotta! First, the song comes in with them electric beats. Jay Park’s melodic voice takes me for a smooth ride into dance town! When I’m under his trance, he wakes me up guns blazing with epic rhymes! No wonder why the ladies love him.

While I’m on the dance floor, I gotta make moves right? I might even “Get Lucky”. This 4Minute / Daft Punk mash up is bound to take me into the right direction. Guaranteed, if I have right dance moves, ladies should be asking me for my name & number! Way better than hanging in chat rooms and asking A/S/L.

Finally, a lesson to be learned. My mom always told me, “Don’t meet the girl you love in a club. They might be a ‘Bad Girl’ who will probably make you cry.” Bumkey’s “Bad Girl” is an awesome jam that has so much swag, “Something we Asians got!” The song hits a spot for all the fellas dealt with a recent heartbreak.



“Kiss The Summer Good-bye” brings a bittersweet feeling in me: “kiss” carries the reminiscence of summer’s love and warmth; “good-bye” means a temporary, although annual departure from the care-free lifestyle I’ve had for past three months. An upbeat song such as “Blue Bird” may appear to remind listeners of happiness, yet a closer look at the lyrics brings us back to the theme. The lyrics center around a bird’s reach for freedom, but its past tainted with pain and sadness. The song “Paradise” from the famous Korean drama Boys over Flowers reminds loyal fans of the hot Goo Jun-pyo and sweet Geum Jan-di, before their drama began. Isn’t this what summer is about? For some, it is paradoxically both a surge of freedom and a constant reminder that it will eventually end. For others, they just enjoy the remaining days before they look back and “kiss the summer good-bye”.



Woah, it’s already September and the hot, scorching three month stretch known as summer will soon come to an end. Finally, but despite the cooler winds from fall soon to come, summer and everything about it will surely be missed: beaches, sunny weather, short shorts, summer vacation, ice cream, and of course, addictive summer songs that are released during this glorious season.

Whether you’re singing in Hawaii with SISTAR’s “Loving U”, singing an addictive tune like that in “Hot Summer”, as f(x) did, or bringing summer to Japanland with KARA’s “Go Go Summer”, these tunes will always be associated with summer. We’ll miss you, summer!



Summer is, or rather, was full of adventure. If there’s anything that music can do while it accompanies us on our adventures, it’s motivate us to take action. Whether it’s spitting game to the hot cabin attendant as you land from your long flight, allowing yourself to be deceived by a seductress because that’s, well, that’s where the fun happens, or convincing yourself to take the leap and spill your heart out to start a summer romance, there is a song to illustrate every moment.

But now, I guess, it’s time to say goodbye to past adventures, and build a new playlist to welcome the new ones.


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