Photos of Japan: Japanense Architecture

In Photos of Japan, we take a look at Japan through the lens of a camera (or Smartphone). Many of our photos of Asia can also be found on our Instagram as well.

In this segment, we follow Raymaru, one member part of the GTG crew who’s living it up in Japan. Check out his pics showing off the beauty of Japanese architecture.

The Red Bridge

Crossing bridges in Kyoto.Crossing bridges in Kyoto.

The Aerodynamic Temple

Todaiji Temple in Nara; built with aerodynamics in mind.Todaiji Temple in Nara; built with aerodynamics in mind.

The Famed Castle

japan-osaka-castleI wonder who lives here in Osaka Castle. Rent seems expensive.

The Statue that Stares

japan-statueRaymaru had a staring contest with this Shishi statue. The statue looks intimidating. Yet in the end, the human won against the statue.

The Red Gates

japan-torii-gateGood morning from Japan! This torii gate can be seen in many areas in Japan.

The White Gates

japan-torii-gate-2A torii gate usually marks the entrance to sacred space.

Inside a Torii Gate

japan-inside-a-torii-gateTake a walk through the torii gates of Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto.

Kyoto Strollin’

japan-kyoto-walkingTaking a stroll. It would be a waste not to on this fine day.

The Golden Temple

japan-kinkakujiHave you ever visited the beautiful Kinkakuji in historic Kyoto?

Feels like an orange autumn

japan-autumn-with-castleDefinitely feels like autumn!

What’s your take? What’s a Japanese building or architecture that amazed you? Let us know in the comments below.

Jason Yu

Jason works in the Korean music industry as media. His work has also been featured on BBC World, Yonhap News, Soompi, among other publications. His passion is to spread Asian pop culture to the world. He currently lives in Seoul, Korea. Connect with him on Twitter @iamjangta.

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