200 British travelers flee quarantine at a Swiss ski resort amid fears of the new Corona virus

200 British travelers flee quarantine at a Swiss ski resort amid fears of the new Corona virus

Hundreds of British A report said tourists who were forced to quarantine at an upscale ski resort due to concerns about a new, more contagious alternative to COVID-19, have fled under cover of darkness.

About 200 of the 420 affected vacationers in the UK who were in isolation in Verbier, SwitzerlandInstead of staying indoors for more than a week and seeing their plans to hit the slopes deactivated, it is thought that they left at night.

Canada and Japan have reported infections with the fast-spreading coronavirus in the United Kingdom, among the countries

This comes in the wake of a ruling by the Swiss authorities, which stipulates that anyone who arrived in the country from Britain since December 14 will remain in quarantine for 10 days.

A policewoman (center) rides a ski lift while they are patrolling the slopes and in Alpine restaurants in particular, to check the implementation of sanitary measures during the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), in the Alpine resort of Villars-sur-. Olun, Switzerland, Saturday 19 December 2020. Police receive local support from Civil Protection, Civil Protection (right), in the Alpine resort. (Valentin Floraud / Keystone via AP)

On December 20, Switzerland announced an entry ban for all travelers from the United Kingdom, and suspended all flights between the United Kingdom and Switzerland. A new variant of the Coronavirus It was discovered in the southeast of England.

Then, on December 23, the Swiss government introduced an exemption, allowing flights to and from the UK from Christmas Eve to enable residents of the UK and Switzerland to return for the holiday period.

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The Swiss Ministry of Health said on Sunday that two cases of the new type had been discovered in Switzerland and one in neighboring Liechtenstein.

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