October 2, 2022

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3 billion dose vaccines are administered

A queue at a shopping center in Moscow to get the Sputnik V vaccine.  Only about 15% of the Russian population has had at least one injection.

The epidemic has killed at least 3,932,561 people worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to an official report by Agency France-Press on Tuesday, June 29 at noon. The United States is the only country where 604,115 people have died. Brazil is the country with the highest mortality rate in terms of population, with 514,092 deaths, followed by India (397,637), Mexico (232,608) and Peru (192,163).

These figures are generally underestimated based on the daily reports of national health officials. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the number of infections could be two to three times higher than officially estimated.

  • Vaccine: 3 billion doses of vaccines are administered

More than three billion anti-dose coffees have been managed worldwide, according to AFP counts made at 11 a.m. Tuesday from official sources. 40% (1.2 billion) of this amount was paid in China. India (329 million) and the United States (324 million) complete this platform. The first billion dose took less than four weeks to reach this third billion, though the first mass campaigns in December began in twenty weeks and the second billion reached in six weeks.

In the EU, 357 million amounts are distributed to 50% of its population. About 32% of the population in the EU is fully vaccinated. The most populous countries in the world, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, are on average circulating, with one-third of their population fully vaccinated.

Most poor countries have now started vaccinating, mainly thanks to the Kovacs mechanism (WHO, GAVI Alliance and CEPI Alliance), the anti-Govt vaccine is highly unequal: Countries with “High Income” (According to the World Bank) an average of 79 doses are given per 100 citizens, compared to one country “Low Income”.

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Some of the poorest countries that started vaccinating, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, stopped short of starting because of a lack of adequate vaccines. In Africa, 3.6 doses per 100 people are administered, which is eleven times lower than the world average (39). Five countries – Tanzania, Burundi, Eritrea, Haiti and North Korea – have not yet begun their campaign.

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Despite the controversy, the Astrogenega-Oxford vaccine is widely distributed worldwide, vaccinating almost 80% of countries and territories (at least 171 out of 216). The Swedish-British vaccine is administered in rich countries – although it is sometimes excluded by the population – and in poor countries, especially thanks to Kovacs, which is the main supplier.

Its competitors are Pfizer-Bioentech (at least 102 countries, 47%), Synoform and Moderna (at least 48.22%), Spotnik V (at least 41.19%), Johnson & Johnson (at least 31.14%) and Sinovac (at least 24.11%).

  • Millions of people are trapped in Australia

As cases have erupted in recent weeks, especially in the highly contagious delta variant, loopholes in segregated arrangements for overseas travelers have forced Australia to restructure three major cities and take control measures in many more. More than 20 million Australians or 80% of the population are affected by these new restrictions.

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Queensland is expected to impose a three-day lockout in its capital Brisbane from Tuesday evening, while Perth, the capital of Western Australia, has begun a four-day lockout. The city of Darwin has extended its imprisonment by seventy-two hours. The state of New South Wales, with its capital Sydney already under strict control until July 9, reported 19 new local infections on Tuesday.

  • Record of daily deaths in Russia, vaccination in slow motion

Russian President’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov acknowledged that Russia would not succeed in vaccinating 60% of its population in the fall against coyotes, citing a goal set by Vladimir Putin in the spring.

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This goal has never been achieved, and the Russians’ distrust of the various vaccines produced in the country, particularly Sputnik V, is currently limited to 15% of the population. Of the 146 million people, about 22.2 million Russians received at least one dose, according to statistics from the Kokov site on Monday, which collects data from regions and the media, due to the absence of comprehensive official national statistics and daily.

As the vaccine has been on the rise for days, a large number of regions are forced into emerging professional categories due to the pain of wage cuts. According to health officials, this is the only answer to the prolongation of the corona virus and its variant delta, which originated in India, causing a third epidemic in Russia, which is causing concern in other parts of the world.

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The Russian government on Tuesday recorded 652 deaths in 24 hours due to Govt-19, a record since the outbreak of the disease in the country. The previous peak was at the end of December, during the second deadly wave. St. Petersburg, Russia’s second city, hosts the Euro football quarter – final on Friday, recording 119 deaths, the highest level since the start of the health crisis. This is the third record since Saturday.

Moscow, the epicenter of the epidemic, recorded 121 bits on Tuesday, the highest level ever reached in the Russian capital, against the previous day’s record of 124. Authorities identified 20,616 new contaminants in a single day.

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In all, Russia condemns 134,545 deaths, making it the most tragic country in Europe, according to government figures. But statistics firm Rosstad, which has a broader definition of deaths linked to Covit-19, recorded 270,000 deaths at the end of April.

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