A girl tells Santa that she was naughty this year and still wants lavish gifts

A girl tells Santa that she was naughty this year and still wants lavish gifts

This girl definitely knows what she wants – even if she also knows that she didn’t make it on the “cute” Santa list.

9 year old girl from EssexUnited Kingdom Letter to Father’s birthday Earlier this month she admitted she wasn’t particularly good this year. However, you still order the luxury menu Gifts Including Apple Airpods, a trip to France, and penguins and pandas – as long as they’re not “dead.”

a A picture of the message It was posted on Twitter by the girl’s older brother on Tuesday.

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The girl wrote: “Dear Father Christmas, I hope you have had a wonderful and happy year.” “The year was just the opposite. I tried very hard to be good but failed miserably.”

She added, “I’ll be honest, I deserve charcoal, but please I would like to have a gift.” “Actually more than one. This is a list. “

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In total, the girl listed 12 items including a game console, snake, DJ set, iPhone 12, a new laptop and a computer – specifically, the “newest.”

It also ordered a PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and a full book collection of “The Wizards of Once”.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be 2020 if you didn’t also order hand sanitizer.

A 9-year-old asked for a lavish Christmas menu – even after she told Santa that it wasn’t particularly good this year. (IStock)

She finished her letter before signing it, “I hope that she will succeed in meeting all the required elements.”

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People on Twitter thought the girl’s speech was funny.

“I don’t know what strikes me the most; the fact that you have a 9-year-old sister / s, or her handwriting or use of spelling and grammar at that age,” one person Commented.

“I feel like parents,” someone else said Wrote. “Its vocabulary is great!”

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