November 28, 2022

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A health emergency should be established in St. Martin

The government on Saturday evening announced a rapid return to health emergencies in the West Indies islands of Saint-Martin and Saint-Bartholomew, citing a “worrying” health situation and a “strong and rapid increase in spread”.

While reviewing the health bill, the Senate voted for a government amendment to this effect. The state of emergency, if re-employed, “applies until September 30,” the text said.
Deputy Minister Brigitte Borguinen outlined the figures for high hospital admissions in Saint-Martin compared to the “low vaccination rate” against the 19-line.
Saint Bartholomew’s last health report increased pollution on an island like Guadeloupe or Saint Martin.

Guadeloupe More, From the middle of this week, See that the health is placed in an emergency, which will inevitably return to the curfew order. It will be up to the regional priority to indicate the nature of the measures he intends to introduce to counter the progress of virus circulation in the archipelago.

It should also be noted that there was a consensus among the delegates and senators to finally approve the bill on managing the health crisis, and other measures should be followed very soon.

But already, every effort is being made to encourage improvement in the vaccine rate. Capserre Belle Evin Municipality will open an interim vaccine at the Maison de Quartier des Flampoints. It will operate next weekend, Friday through Sunday.

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