November 28, 2022

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A high school student has been shot dead at his school

Police say a student was shot and killed during a shooting at his high school in North Carolina on Wednesday, September 1st. Winston-Salem city police were sent to Mount Tabor High School in the afternoon, its boss Katrina Thompson told a news conference.

At the scene, police found a student being taken to hospital with gunshot wounds. There, high school student “Died of his wounds», Without mentioning the age of the victim, with tears, the police chief announced.

The suspect, who is said to be a high school student, was taken into police custody late that afternoon. Police were working Wednesday evening to reunite the students of the institution with their relatives.

Going back to school this week in the United States, after spending a fortune on online studies a year later, has rekindled fears of a real catastrophic school shooting in American society since the April 1999 Colombo massacre in Colorado.

These facts are listed by the local media, but they rarely make headlines in the national media. Only one bloodbath like Farkida’s Parkland and its 17 deaths in February 2018 is causing a shock wave today.

An example of this continuing danger is the fact that this shooting is already the second time since the start of the week at a high school in North Carolina.

For the second time this week, a shooting has taken place at a North Carolina school», Its Governor Roy Cooper. “We must work to keep students and teachers safe, to catch snipers quickly, and to keep guns out of schools.He insisted.

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