A man announced his death back to life at the embalming table

A man announced his death back to life at the embalming table

Reports of his death were premature.

A Kenyan man who was falsely declared dead came to life unexpectedly on Tuesday while lying at a table in a mortuary on the verge of embalming, according to reports.

Peter Cajan, 32, shocked the onlookers when he screamed when death experts cut his leg to begin the embalming process hours after telling his family members he was dead, According to the standard.

Cajun was taken to hospital after suffering a stomach illness. His brother said the nurse told him he had passed away long before he arrived at Capcate Hospital.

Kevin Kipkoroy told the Kenyan newspaper: “The nurse later handed me a document to take to the corpses supervisor before the body of my brother was transferred to the morgue.”

The dangerous situation turned into a celebration four hours later when the astonished medical staff realized that Kigen was alive.

His family members say he has regained consciousness and “we are in pain” after the morgue staff made an incision in his leg.

“The morgue worker called me to the morgue and we saw him move. We were shocked,” Kipkorio said.

“We couldn’t understand how they could take someone who was still alive to the morgue.”

“I can’t believe what just happened,” Keegan told reporters from his hospital bed. How did they prove I’m dead?

“I didn’t even know where I was when I regained consciousness, but I thank God for saving my life. I will serve him for the rest of my life.”

Dr. Gilbert Cherriot blamed Cajun’s relatives, who said they rushed him to the morgue and “didn’t wait until the death certificate.”

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“They asked Cajun relatives to give them some time, but they accused the doctors of taking too much time and decided to take him to the morgue,” said Dr. Cheriot.

He said the doctors had been busy caring for critically ill patients.

“When the funeral director was preparing to embalm his body, she noticed some signs of life,” Cheriot said.

The doctor said that Cajun is responding well to the treatment and said that a patient who is dying, can be discharged from the hospital in a matter of days.

He urged relatives to follow hospital regulations and added, “In Kigen’s case, we can only say he was lucky.”

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