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Jair Bolsonaro – who is already feeling smart about defeating Donald Trump – suffered another setback after the candidates he defended put in a disappointing performance in the mayoral election.

Sunday’s vote provided the first electoral opportunity to gauge the health of the Brazilian president’s anti-establishment movement since the populist’s surprise victory in the 2018 election.

The results included a painful defeats Polsonarista Candidates in major cities and the rise of politicians from major parties indicate that it is a sick force.

“The far-right wave that brought Bolsonaro to the presidency turned into a ripple in 2020,” political commentator Josias de Souza said at Autopsy to vote.

Bolsonaro, who has yet to publicly acknowledge Joe Biden’s victory over his greater international ally, has endorsed the right-wing candidates in six state capitals – four of whom have suffered heavy defeats.

In Manaus, the Amazon, Bolsonaro, a friend of four decades named Alfredo Menezes, was ranked fifth. In Recife, Patricia Domingos – who Bolsonaro has pledged to rid northeast Brazil of “communism” – came in fourth.

In Belo Horizonte, Brazil’s third city, Bolsonaro’s candidate invited a 23-year-old conservative activist Bruno Engler, Incumbent crush Alexander Khalil who won more than 63% of the vote.

But Souza claimed that “of all the Waterloos attacks that Bolsonaro inflicted on Sunday, the most devastating was in São Paulo.”

There, in Brazil’s largest and most economically powerful city, Bolsonaro’s choice, Celso Rosomanno, from the current center-right, defeated Bruno Covas, and a rising left-wing star named Gilherme Paul. He will face Covas and Paul in the second round on November 29.

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“We defeated Bolsonaro – we defeated his project based on hate, backwardness and lies that tried to take root in the city of Sao Paulo.” Paul celebrated.

São Paulo Governor Joao Doria claimed: “Democracy won, Bolsonaro lost.”

Rio’s unpopular evangelist mayor, Marcelo Crivella, has reached the second round but is likely to lose. A newspaper described Sunday’s results as ” Polsonarista Separation”.

Elsewhere, there have been humiliating defeats or hindrances to other candidates linked to Bolsonaro.

Cousin of President Marcos Bolsonaro, I managed Only 1,340 votes – 4% of the total – in his bid to become the mayor of Jabotikapal.

The president’s ex-wife, Rogeria Bolsonaro, failed to become a member of the Council of Rio after garnering only 2,033 votes.

Bolsonaro’s son, Carlos, won a second term in the Rio City Council but received 36,000 fewer votes than he did in the last election and lost his title as the most voted member of the Rio Council of Socialists.

In the southern town of Brusque, he was a potential councilor who tried to boost his chances by running under the name “Donald Trump Bolsonaro” He got only 107 votes 0.7% of the total – finished 128th.

Bolsonaro attempted to change the narrative, claiming that the results augured well for his chances of re-election in 2022 and was a “historic defeat” for the left. But analysts said the opposite was true, with a new generation of left-wing politicians doing well.

In addition to Paul, 38, there were strong performances from Manuela de Avila, 39, Communist Party candidate in Porto Alegre, Marilia Arais, 36, Labor Party candidate in Recife, and Joao Campos, 26, of the Brazilian Socialist Party. Candidate in the same city.

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Monica Benicio, 34 years old Widow of the murdered leftist councilor Marielle Franco, He was elected to the Rio City Hall For the Socialist and Freedom Party.

“The left is rejuvenated on Sunday,” the newspaper O Globo reported.

The election comes at a time of testing for Bolsonaro. Trump’s defeat has deprived his populist project of a major source of legitimacy, and corruption investigators have reportedly been close to two of his political sons, and opinion polls show support waning in several major cities.

Meanwhile, more than 165,000 Brazilians have died from the Coronavirus epidemic, critics claim Bolsonaro has been catastrophically mishandled. Last week, with hints that the outbreak in Brazil was getting worse again, the Brazilian president dismissed warnings of the “second wave” as “jibber-jagger”.

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