November 28, 2022

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A total of 76 people were arrested on Saturday during the anti-health pass protest

1:56 pm: Former Toyota Europe boss Kovit-19 dies

Johann van Zyl, President of Toyota Europe until last April, died Friday in South Africa as a result of the Covit-19. Toyota said the 63-year-old former boss “died in hospital from complications related to the infection.”

1:44 pm 76 arrests after anti-health PAS protests in France

Protests against the health pass, which drew more than 200,000 people on Saturday, led to 76 arrests across France, according to a new Interior Ministry estimate. For the third Saturday in a row of protests, the mobilization has increased. Last week, they hit 161,000 sidewalks, up from 110,000 a week ago.

1:16 pm: Two Sumatran tigers infected with Govt-19 in Indonesia

Two Sumatran tigers have contracted Govt-19 disease at a zoo in Jakarta. Nine-year-old Dino and 12-year-old Harry tested positive in mid-July after showing symptoms such as fever, difficulty breathing and loss of appetite.

Both men who received treatment are already recovering. Indonesian authorities are now investigating how these endangered animals became ill.

4 220 816

This is the highest number of deaths from Govt-19 disease worldwide since the WHO office in China announced the outbreak in late December 2019.

Day 12:32: Millions of people tested in China

Millions of people were tested this Sunday in several major cities in China in an effort to stem the rise in Govt-19 cases. The country announced 75 new contaminants on Sunday, including 53 local exchanges.

The outbreak, which broke out at Nanjing Airport in late July, has now spread to more than 20 cities and more than a dozen provinces. China faces the worst pollution in months.

Day 12:15 pm: Nigeria receives 4 million doses of Moderna

Four million doses of moderna vaccine were received in Nigeria this Sunday, as the West African giants pass through the third wave. The dose sent by the United States was flown to the airport in Abuja, the capital of a country of 200 million people.

This is the second batch of vaccines to be administered to Nigeria after the first four million doses of the Astrogeneca vaccine, obtained in March as part of the Kovacs program, aimed at providing vaccines to low-income countries. The epidemic in Nigeria has killed at least 2,149 people and affected nearly 174,000 people.

11.58am: A rave party in Wendy gathers 600 people

At the height of the night, the unannounced rave party gathered about 600 participants at the chateau-keyboard in Wendy. With about 600 people gathered at the rally at midnight, the province “estimates that there are now 300 to 400 people by the end of the morning and that the noise should be reduced by mid-afternoon.”

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There are about forty genders with a team of Civil Defense rescuers who also provide antigenic self-tests for Covid-19. “This meeting exposes all participants: we call on the spot to respect health instructions,” said Vice President Gregory Legre.

11:49 am: Three patients are transferred from Martinique to Paris

A medical plane carrying three Covit-19 patients in intensive care landed overnight from Martinique, the mainland of France, from Saturday to Sunday. Patients were cared for at AB-HP institutions in the Ile-de-France.

The plane was carrying a 51-year-old woman with two men, aged 53 and 61, suffering from a severe corona virus in the Balkans on Saturday morning by an ISOS medical return company.

11:27 a.m .: Admission to a new hospital in Occitania multiplied by 10 in a month

In Occitania, new hospital admissions rose to more than 300 this week from 30 at the end of June, while critical care and intensive care inputs rose from less than 10 to more than 90. The rate in the region reached nearly 420 cases per 100,000 people, which is “more than eight times the warning threshold,” the ARS notes.

10:44 a.m .: Thousands of people attend a rave party in Iser

About 5,000 people gathered at the former ZAD of Roybon (Isère) on Saturday evening to attend a rave party. Tobin Libere. There are too many tiffers to evacuate by police waiting for instructions from the district.

10:35 am: At least 26 people are arrested during a protest rally in Paris on Saturday

According to BFMTV, 26 people were arrested during an anti-health pass protest in Paris on Saturday. The results (19 arrests across France, including 10 in the capital) were revised upwards this Sunday. More than 200,000 people marched in France, according to the Interior Ministry.

10h21: Sky News Australia suspended by YouTube

The Sky News Australia TV channel is no longer allowed to post content on YouTube for a week. The platform made this decision this Sunday after previous videos were uploaded by conservative media owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Some Sky News Australia news have questioned the presence of Govt-19 and the effectiveness of the vaccine. YouTube has a “three warnings” policy against misinformation. At the third end, it is planned to delete the account permanently.

9:37 am: Israeli company working on oral vaccine

The Israeli pharmaceutical company Oramed is set to launch the first clinical trial of the vaccine against Kovit “in early August” in pill form. Oral vaccines are of particular interest to developing countries because they facilitate the logistics of immunization campaigns.

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But they can promote immunization in rich countries where injection fear is a factor, often overlooked, reluctance to vaccinate. However, some oral vaccines are successful because the active ingredients cannot survive as they pass through the digestive tract.

9:06 am: “Delta variant finds favorable soil in France”

Always inside J.D.T.Virologist Jean-Michel Pavlotsky explains that the Delta variant “won the race because it performed better than the others”, but that it “found epidemic land favorable to us at the beginning of the summer, when its competitors were present” and the alpha variant in particular was retreating.

The virologist recalled that “wearing a mask and restraining gestures are essential elements in preventing infection.” Finally, Jean-Michel Pavlotsky noted, “We are going through the first epidemic phase. […] To a local point “

We are going to live with this virus because we have lived with other respiratory viruses for centuries.

Jean-Michel Pavlotsky

8:44 a.m .: Death toll drops in Brazil

For the first time in seven months, Brazil recorded daily deaths in less than 1,000 days on average on Saturday, thanks to the vaccine advance. Despite the threat of delta variation, pollution is declining.

8:20 a.m .: French hospital federation begs for compulsory vaccination

Frederick Vallettux, president of the French Hospitals Association, calls J.D.T. For the duty to vaccinate not only the caregivers, but all the French people. “Everywhere, the indicators are increasing: the epidemic environment shows us the limits of intermediate action”, before continuing, refers to who will be the mayor of Fontainebleau (Akir): the last step “.

This is a simple, clear and effective measure, which guarantees that the implementation of the pass will be a rare complication.

Frederick Valdex

8:08 a.m .: A “hopeless” situation in Burma

This Sunday marks the six-month completion of the regime-led coup in Burma, in the wake of the outbreak of the epidemic. The United Kingdom has warned the United Nations that half of the population, or about 27 million people, could be infected with Kovit-19 in the next two weeks.

The UN estimates that only 40% of health facilities in the country are still operational, while a large proportion of medical workers are on strike against the coup. More info in our article.

7:53 am: Health pass for foreigners

French foreigners who have been vaccinated abroad have not yet received a health pass. The Secretary of Tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoine, announced in an interview Sunday newspaper They can submit their request “from this week” to receive the QR code. Roland Lescure, LREM deputy for French people living abroad in Europe 1, said foreigners could finally “return to France to benefit from their families.”

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7:36 am: Post-infection life, testing for companion dogs

Adopted as a whole during prison, teleworking, many dogs and their owners, have to get used to a new rhythm, more or less easily. What is required during training is that appointments are made as early as four weeks before seeing an educator in the week prior to the outbreak. Some families choose to bring their dog to the place of adoption.

7:13 a.m .: In Thailand, monks in the front row

In Thailand, monks are at the forefront of preventing unprecedented corona virus waves in the country, where the vaccination campaign is slowly emerging. About 200,000 monks, mainly from the Buddhist kingdom, are highly respected in the country and donations are accumulating. Some of them decided to dispense oxygen, wipe their noses and even take the bodies of the victims.

6:48 a.m .: Health pass for car and train vacation comes into effect in Germany

Germany is intensifying its efforts to cross the border this Sunday. Henceforth, it is necessary to issue a health pass by car or train with a negative test, vaccination certificate or cure certificate. Until now, only airline passengers were concerned.

6:47 a.m .: Portugal removes some restrictions

The Portuguese government is lifting restrictions on curfews and restaurant openings from Sunday, August 1. Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa said, “The vaccine has made a very important contribution to (implementing) these measures.”

The obligation to wear a helmet in frequent public places should be removed in early September, while nightclubs – closed from March 2020 – will be allowed to reopen in October.

6:46 a.m .: More people hospitalized

There are now 7,409 people hospitalized (up from 7,363 the previous day) and 1,099 in intensive care (previous day 1,072). In the last 24 hours, the hospital has recorded 43 deaths and 23,471 new cases.

532 745

The number of injections made this Saturday, including the first injection of 323,658. A total of 42,466,447 people have at least one injection (i.e. 63% of the total population) and 35,400,285 now have a complete immunization schedule (i.e. 52.5% of the total population).

6:45 a.m .: Hello everyone and welcome to this live stream dedicated to news about the Covit-19 epidemic in France and around the world.