October 2, 2022

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Against racism, the UN Forms a team of experts to investigate police violence

This is a resolution put forward by African countries, which aims to promote it “Racial Justice and Equality” Worldwide. UN The Human Rights Council, without a vote, adopted a speech on Tuesday, July 13, forming a panel of experts to investigate police violence. “People of African descent”, Especially during demonstrations.

It was released at the end of June of a report by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on police violence against black people. Then High Commissioner Michael Bachelet told the states to take over “Immediate action” Against “Proper racism”.

He supported one opinion “Renewal Justice” To deal with the consequences of slavery and colonialism, call for the establishment of a mechanism, with a timetable. His request was heard by African countries, which presented a draft resolution on Monday, which a “International Methodology of Independent Experts”, Its term of office is fixed at three years.

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Examine the government’s response

They are particularly compelling “Investigate Government Responses to Peaceful Struggles Against Racism and All Violations of International Human Rights Law and Ensure Victims and Their Families Receive Justice and Relief”.

They will also make recommendations “Deaths and serious injuries and possible disciplinary action by law enforcement officers and related cases and charges”.

Experts are also responsible for doing this “Awareness raising activities with states, people and communities are directly affected” And study “The root causes of systematic racism in law enforcement and the criminal justice system are the use of excessive force, racial profiling and other human rights violations. (…) Towards Africans and African Descent ”.

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