November 28, 2022

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An Englishman has sent hundreds of animals back to England … but not his staff

Story – Ben Farting, a returnee of 200 dogs and cats collected from Kabul, landed on a private plane in the UK on Sunday morning. But he left his 24 Afghan employees and caused serious controversy across the channel.

Damn! For the British, the hasty eviction of Kabul seemed to be a way out. Their withdrawal from Afghanistan Even lying “Between Crowding and Humor” Title Weather. In question, the officers’ disorder, the inability to identify all the people in a timely manner to evacuate, or even the powerlessness on the ground, made it impossible for his noble soldiers to take all the Afghans involved to the airport. From a reporter Periods Returns thrilling scenes, Like this yard of the embassy in Kabul deserted by the British, there is a pile of CVs with the names, photos and contact details of all the Afghans who have recently applied for a job there … a list of their next destinations.

In this humiliating mess, The will of an English player is constantly controversial On the other side of the channel: evacuate 200 dogs and cats on a private plane

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