November 28, 2022

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Anger after the death of the seal-symbol “Ghostis”, killed by a harpoon

The seal of the young monk Costis has become a symbol of the Greek island of Alonisos in recent months.

Kostis, one of the iconic monk seals of the Greek island of Alonisos, was killed on Saturday (July 24) in the Harpoon fire, which sparked outrage from locals and defenders, a report said. Local voluntary charity.

According to the island’s official website, one of Europe’s most important marine reserves is located in this part of the Aegean.Specific areas where amateur fishermen are allowed to fish.

«Unfortunately, it has been proven time and again that there are no limits to human wickedness and stupidity! Today (Saturday) we received information that the young monk seal Costis, who has become a symbol of Alonisos in recent months, was deliberately killed.», Announced the Greek voluntary charity MOm.

Brand “The harpoon was operated at close range by the gun“The organization that works for the protection of these endangered species in the Mediterranean has been mentioned on Facebook.

According to the media, a mobilization is underway to find the author of the shoot. “The news was received with great sadness, received not only by members of the voluntary organization that had cared for Costis for months, but also by all the sensitive residents and visitors of Alonisos who had the opportunity to admire Costis closely.MOm added to his post.

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