Another Italian town that sells homes for $ 1

Another Italian town that sells homes for $ 1

Hello Italy!

If you are ready to escape from everything, find this quaint town Laurenzana, ItalyWhere are the officials currently Sell ​​homes And the buildings for just over $ 1.

Laurenzana, in the southern region of Basilicata, currently sells around 50 historic properties for 1 EUR ($ 1.19,) Departing Reports. In an effort to woo buyers, Mayor Michel Ungaro lowered the renewal filing fee (which ranged from about $ 2,400 to $ 6,000 when other Italian cities organized similar promotions) to $ 382.

Laurenzana, in the southern region of Basilicata, currently sells around 50 historic properties for 1 € ($ 1.19).

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To make their case, homeowners hoping to make a proposal to local officials, explaining the property they wish to purchase and their plans for renovation. to me Travel and leisureTen of these units are old homes “in the historic heart of the city,” while the other forty are abandoned buildings. Many of these uninhabited units date back to the 19th century and feature charming details like wrought-iron balconies and brick arches – but will require a more thorough flip to make them modern again.

To that end, Ungaro said hope homeowners should be prepared to pay around $ 24,000 for such detailed renovations.

Laurenzana Castle in Laurenzana, Italy.

Laurenzana Castle in Laurenzana, Italy.
(Massimo Piacentino / REDA & CO / Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

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Before sealing the deal, interested buyers should visit Laurenzana to wrap up the deal – a final step not possible for international clients at least over the next few months, if not longer, due to various travel restrictions amid the global pandemic.

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It may be frustrating, but it can be worth the wait. Today the old town is home to cobbled streets, shops and bars, and the medieval castle of Laurenzana, according to Depatures reports, is close to hiking trails and Maratea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However, these last listings should not be confused Salmy And the Tronia In Sicily, which has also listed homes for $ 1 in recent months in an effort to bring in new residents.

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