Archaeologists uncover skeletons of WWII-era nuns who were killed by Russian soldiers

Archaeologists uncover skeletons of WWII-era nuns who were killed by Russian soldiers

polishing Archaeologists I recently identified pre-discovered skeletons of three people Catholic Nuns Who were shot dead by Russian soldiers at the end World War II.

The Russian Army invaded Poland in 1944 afterwards Germany Occupation, hoping to control it through imprisonment, exile, and assassination of soldiers, civilians and members of its Polish religious community.

Historical records from 1945 – year And today It showed that the soldiers killed seven nuns of the rank of Saint Catherine in Alexandria. Researchers first searched a site in Gdansk last summer, and in Poland the National Institute of Remembrance (IPN). mentioned They found the remains of Sister Charitina.

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In October 2020, additional excavations at a local parish cemetery in Ornita uncovered additional remains of those believed to be Sister Generosa, Sister Krzistofora and Sister Liberia. According to the IPN Statement.

All three nuns served in Marian Hospital In Olsztyn, where they worked as nurses before their death in the winter of 1945.

Two areas were designated for archaeological work after the team documented the burial including the former living quarters of Saint Catherine’s Sisters.

However, archaeologists had to dig deeper and finding the nuns required a “temporary exhumation” for the second burial.

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in December, Advertise the IPN They found the remains of the other three nuns: Sister Rolanda, Sister Gunhilda, and Sister Bona.

During the exhumation, the crew found religious artifacts including “religious medals, crosses, items of religious clothing, and religious rosaries.”

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Pathologists At the Forensic Institute in Gdask, they will now examine the skeletons to confirm their identities and gain a better understanding of their lives and the devastating nature of their deaths.

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Some facts are already known by IPN, which reports that Sister Generosa has been locked up in a hospital attic and “abused”.

sister Christophore She died at the age of 42 after soldiers pulled out her eyes, cut her tongue and stabbed her with spears 16 times. Sister Liberia was shot after leaving an air-raid shelter.

The IPN notes that Catholic clergy in Poland seek to beatify murdered Saint Catherine’s sisters.

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