Asus is driving a new wave of compact RTX 3060 cards with this bulky GPU

Unlike most RTX 3000 series GPUs, Nvidia’s RTX 3060 graphics cards can be relatively compact. The EVGA RTX 3060 XC with two fans we have just checked measured 201.8 mm longThis, for example, makes it easier to adapt to most gaming cases. But if you want something even smaller, Asus is the latest to be announced an RTX 3060 GPU with a fan from its Phoenix brand, known for making compact desktop GPUs.

Asus’ single-fan GPU is 177mm long (and 2.55 slots wide) the longest single-fan GPU announced to date, while companies like it Profit (170 mm), Palit (170 mm) and MSI (172 mm) have all developed more compact RTX 3060 GPUs with a fan, which are even slightly shorter and only occupy two slots each. Nevertheless, the Asus is significantly shorter than the already short EVGA 3060 card with two fans that we tested.

Like other RTX 3060 cards, the RTX 3060 Phoenix has the same 3,584 CUDA cores, 12 GB of GDDR6 memory and four display outputs: one HDMI 2.1 and three DisplayPort 1.4a outputs. The card requires a single 8-pin PCIe power connector, a minimum power supply of 650 W and no RGB lighting.

Asus has not yet announced a price or release date for the RTX 3060 Phoenix. However, you can expect the maps to become available as soon as they become available probably hard to find and buy – and the street prices for which these cards are valid are higher than the actual MSRP.

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