October 2, 2022

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At NATO summit, Biden wants to emphasize Russian and Chinese threats, Macron must be disarmed

US President Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron during the G7 Summit on June 13, 2021 in the UK's Corbis Bay.

Nothing but warmth and smiles: retaining memory («Terrible, According to one of the participants) Summit in 2018 at the same venue, Heads of state and heads of government of thirty NATO member states want to stick to the simple pleasure of reuniting between European allies and the United States, Monday, June 14, in Brussels.

Welcoming President Joe Biden the next day, the leaders of the Brussels companies and allies for a summit between Europe and the United States are looking to turn the page on the four years marked by Donald Trump’s protests against Europeans and Germany. In particular, they were accused of living on the hooks of their guard.

Fears of a breakdown in the Atlantic Connection are no longer a question of Washington knocking on the Coalition’s door or threatening to abandon Section 5 of the agreement, which signifies the commitment of members to collective security.

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This 28e The summit of history is said to last only two hours and thirty minutes, so it promises to return quietly above all else, previously, centered on London, 2019 Idea “Brain death” Condemned by NATO, Emmanuel Macron. This time, the French president was limited in pleading “Common Values ​​and Request for Feedback” Of the Alliance.

On the American side, as confirmed by a diplomatic source, the slogan and silence of “America is back” should be offered. “This does not mean that President Biden is ignoring some differences with the Europeans in order to be more assertive about Moscow and to raise his allies to China’s military, technological and political threats.” Refers to the same narrator.

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“Many lessons unite us”

In the European camp, some confirmed Joe Biden’s recent decision without prior consultation. Withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan by September 11, We like to try to set aside raising or opposing questions. “This is not really the case when so many lessons unite us.”, A diplomat mentions.

So, the general secretary, Jens Stoltenberg, is preparing for a series of exercises on integration, and he will make a simple note of what he wants to present, but it will be pushed into the background. The idea of ​​general funding for its organization (the Paris rebels) or its “NATO 2030” increasing budget for the competition was contested because it focused exclusively on the Russian and Chinese threats, and this may be questionable. Consensus.

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