At the beginning of the count, a flood of postal ballot papers complicates the voting results

“I don’t care how hard Donald Trump tries, there is nothing, nothing he can do to stop the people of this nation from voting, no matter how he tries,” said former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr at a rally in Pittsburgh. “Trump doesn’t want you to vote. He doesn’t want Americans to vote. He thinks only wealthy people should vote. And when America votes, America will be heard. “

Five states voted largely by post in the years before the pandemic: Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii and Utah. Now the rest of the country seems to be moving in that direction too, regardless of the president’s stance, concerns that postal votes have a higher rate of rejection than personal votes, or stories of ballot papers that were never cast or that went astray. (Postal voting and postal voting are largely interchangeable Terms.)

“I believe the use of postal voting in these elections will continue the trend towards expanded postal voting that we have seen across the country. Especially in states with permanent postal ballot lists, the number of people eligible to vote is likely to increase, which can ultimately lead to elections, “said Michael McDonald, professor of political science at the University of Florida.

This year’s mail-in votes will well exceed the nearly 64 million election officials recorded as of Monday. Some ballot papers have already arrived in polling stations across the country but have not yet been added to the system. Others have been sent but not yet delivered.

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Dr. McDonald, who tracks election statistics, says just over 28 million postal ballot papers requested by voters were not returned as returned to election officials as of Tuesday. Published in an analysis on his websiteHe said these ballots were rightly a concern of the Democrats, but that there may still be time for many of them to be counted.

While many states require ballots to arrive at polling stations by the end of Tuesday’s elections, some allow additional time as long as ballots are postmarked by election day.

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