Baby gorillas are raised by Bristol zookeepers

Baby gorillas are raised by Bristol zookeepers

He said a team of rangers at Bristol Zoo The baby, who is now 2 months old but still unknown, is not getting enough milk from his mother, Kala, to survive and will now be raised manually for the next four months.

“Raising any animal by hand is not a decision we take lightly because we always prefer to raise an animal naturally by its mother,” said Lynsey Pugh, the zoo’s mammal curator.

“Unfortunately, this does not always happen and in this case we have decided that it is in the best interest of the baby gorilla to hand it over to raise it to ensure it has the best chance of survival.”

Kala, the baby’s mother, is said to adapt well and is healthy.

Pugh said that when the infant is away from his mother at night at an on-site residence, zookeepers will try to treat him as his mother gorilla does, expecting him to hold onto them tightly and make gorilla noises.

Zookeepers will try to help the baby acclimatize by vocalizing and holding the gorilla firmly while caring for him.

During the day, the baby will be at the Gorilla House at the Zoo. The statement said it was hoped that if the animals were able to see, smell, touch and be close to it, the infant would soon be able to bond with the group and accept it as part of the family.

Animal keepers are working to keep the baby gorillas out of public sight for now, but visitors can see the rest of the group.

The zoo invited members of the public to help choose the name In a poll on her Facebook page. The options are: Mototo, meaning “village chief” in Bobby, which is a local language in Equatorial Guinea; Hosni, meaning “handsome” in Swahili; Luango, a city on the coast of Equatorial Guinea; Or Kidosi, the popular name for Central Africa.
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