November 28, 2022

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Belarus announces US sanctions

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in May 2021 in Minsk.

Belarus announced its response against Washington on Thursday, June 3, following the entry into force of the new US embargo. “We cannot ignore this unfriendly attitude.”, Belarusian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Anatoly Klaus said in a statement. U.S. sanctions came into effect Thursday against nine state-owned enterprises in the former Soviet republic.

In response activities, in particular, “Reduction of Diplomatic, Administrative and Technical Staff” From the US Embassy in Minsk and “Tighten Visa Issuance Procedure” Belarusians, according to the report. The country has also withdrawn its accreditation to work in its territory with the United States Agency for International Development, he said.

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U.S. sanctions against nine Belarusian state-owned companies were re-enacted in April following the crackdown on pro-democracy protests. Following the 2006 election, Washington banned all transactions with these companies. The U.S. Treasury then lifted the sanctions in 2015, welcoming some progress, but the U.S. government warned at the end of March that the suspension would not be renewed until the next deadline.

Additional obstacles after the plane is diverted

“These are illegal activities that are against international law and are intended to put pressure on a sovereign.”, Mr. Klaus denounced, believing that these restrictions would mainly affect “Ordinary Belarusian citizens”. Last week, Washington announced that it was growing Additional sanctions against the country to the EU, After the diversion, on May 23, Minsk of a commercial aircraft andArresting a political opponent Who was on board.

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In Washington, D.C., spokesman for US diplomacy, confirmed that Minsk was aware of the results. “Effective June 13”. “Unfortunately, the Belarusian authorities have brought our relations to this point with the ever-increasing repression against our citizens.”, He estimated.

The US ambassador to Minsk was recalled to Washington in 2008 at the request of Belarusian officials following the introduction of US sanctions targeting President Alexander Lukashenko. Since then, U.S. diplomatic mission has led to an indictment. United States Ambassador Julie Fisher took office earlier this year, but she has yet to travel to Belarus. “Ambassador Fisher will continue to support the democratic aspirations of the people of Belarus and continue to engage with them outside. [du pays]To support them, including leaders of the pro-democracy movement, media professionals, students and other members of civil society. ”, Mr. Price promised to the press.

Mr. Lukashenko faced unprecedented and huge demonstrations Controversial re-election for the fifth time in August 2020. Refusing any offer, he arrested or deported most of his opponents, and condemned Western protests to overthrow him.

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