November 28, 2022

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Belgium star explorer Dixie Dancercore dies in Greenland, his remains loved

Belgium has lost its most famous researcher. Especially popular To cross Antarctica Several Belgian media outlets reported that Dixie Dancercoir, who was herding cattle with her late ally Hubert, died Monday evening. He then spent the night there with his Canadian colleague Sebastian Audi in search of a safe place to set up his location.

Dancercore was leading the way when the snow broke under his feet. He fell into an abyss. There was nothing that he could do about it. 3:30 pm later, but without success again a helicopter came quickly to the scene. The cracks were so deep that the body was not even visible to the naked eye. “Everything tried to go down into the abyss, but it was incredibly deep, with no eye contact with the body,” says his friend Stephen Moss, who worked with him. From La Vox to the Nord.

Alain Hubert (left) and Dixie Dancercoir (right) traveled on skies in 2007 over a distance of more than 4000 km between Siberia and Greenland.  AFP / BELGA / ERIC VIDAL
Alain Hubert (left) and Dixie Dancercoir (right) traveled on skies over 2007, covering more than 4,000 kilometers between Siberia and Greenland. AFP / BELGA / ERIC VIDAL AFP / BELGA / ERIC VIDAL

The research still lasted several hours, but they had to stop due to difficult circumstances, our colleagues continued. They could not start again this Tuesday. Suffice it to say that the chances of survival are now considered zero.

Married and father of four, Dixie Dancergoir moved to Greenland last April with Sebastian Audi and Dutch Johanna Adriana Simone Maria. They were launched on a journey of more than 2000 kilometers. “It promised to go on a trip with him. He is known for paying close attention when it comes to security measures,” continues his friend Stephen Moss. Unfortunately, sometimes all precautionary measures in the world are not enough.

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