November 28, 2022

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Berlin calls on the European Union to eliminate the possibility of a veto of member states

On Monday, June 7, German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss called on the European Union to eliminate the possibility of vetoing every member state so that Europe no longer exists.Held on stageIn his abilities for action.

«Those who disrupt European foreign policy with their vetoes can no longer allow us to be held hostage. Those who do so play more or less long, in sync with Europe. So I say it openly: the veto must disappear, which means we can win“, He explained at a press conference in Berlin.

The rules of the EU provide that certain decisions, especially in matters of taxation or foreign policy, require the consensus of member states. From this system a country uses its veto to block, delay or monitor European positions. “Since we have always regarded internal unity and external sovereignty as two sides of the same coin, we must now make further progress in Europe’s ability to take action on political matters, after the domestic crisis.Heiko pleaded with Mass.

Hungary has been relentlessly exercising its veto rights in recent months to block critical statements about China. Most recently, Budapest refused to support the declaration of a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians. In November, Poland and Hungary opposed the adoption of Brussels’ reforms, which have been accused of undermining democratic values, and opposed the adoption of the EU’s international budget and the European recovery plan designed to help state members deal with the epidemic.

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According to the German minister, a return to majority policy during the referendum will avoid the threat. “Two-speed Europe.

Hungary and Poland reject EU recovery plan, considered “unacceptable”