November 28, 2022

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Biden accused China of hiding “important information about the origin of the epidemic.”

The virus was not developed “as a biological weapon” and is “probably” not “genetically engineered,” US intelligence chief Joe Biden said in a statement.

Joe Biden accused China of hiding on Friday, August 27th.Important information about the origin of the infectionKovit of -19, after US intelligence agencies published a summary of the investigation report.

Important information about the origin of the epidemic is in China, but from the beginning, government officials in China worked to prevent international investigators and global public health actors from accessing it., The US President wrote in a press release. “To date, China has been rejecting calls for this revelation and withholding information, and the number of epidemics continues to rise.“, He added.

Not one “Biological weapon»

Covit-19 virus not created “As a biological weapon“And did”Probably“Not formatted”GeneticallyAccording to the summary of the report, US intelligence concluded that the question of the origin of SARS-CoV-2 had not been resolved.

U.S. intelligence is still divided between the hypothesis of the first case as a result of natural exposure to infected microorganisms or a laboratory accident.Tests, animal manipulations or samples from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In detail, the evaluation of the four intelligence systems and the National Intelligence CouncilLow level of confidence“Too much animal research”Possible. “In particular, they hope to justify their decision”Multiple vectors for an animal showAbout the current, as well as China’s ignorance before the virus appeared.

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Laboratory leak?

The U.S. intelligence community says Chinese officials had no initial knowledge of the virus before the outbreak began“Was it really written in this summary? However, another intelligence agency believes the opposite.”A moderate optimism“The study for laboratory leakage should be positive,”Probably“Via”Tests, animal manipulations or samples from the Wuhan Institute of Virology“. Finally,”Analysts of three companiesDo not decide between one or the other of the hypotheses.

Intelligence considers themselves “Could not give a definitive explanation yet“Without the look of Govt-19”New informationPresented by China, they write. The secret report presented this week to 90 days for the US intelligence services handed to Joe Biden.Double attemptsTo illustrate the origin of Govit-19.