Biden plans first major foreign policy speech on restoring “America’s status”

Biden plans first major foreign policy speech on restoring "America's status"

Biden’s speech will focus on the topic of “Restoring America’s Place in the World,” one of his central campaign promises, and will coincide with his first visit to an agency. Press Secretary Jane Sackey said on Friday that he plans to visit the State Department to meet with new Secretary Anthony Blinken.

An official said his first stop there, rather than the Pentagon or the CIA, was to emphasize Biden’s renewed focus on mending American alliances and using diplomacy as a tool abroad.

While his speech is not expected to detail new strategic details on China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, or other adversaries of the United States, he will seek to frame his foreign policy around support for alliances and a return to multilateralism after the Trump administration. Which was marked by unilateral actions and disdain for traditional diplomacy.

Biden He spoke on the phone To nearly half a dozen foreign counterparts since taking office, but the primary focus has been publicly on Coronavirus pandemic And local operational procedures. He has joined again Paris Climate Agreement And the World Health Organization, in reference to his intention to renew US commitments abroad.

A draft calendar for the opening days of the US administration obtained by CNN “Restoring America’s Place in the World” was included as the theme for February.

Biden campaigned on a promise to renew American alliances that had been tense under President Donald Trump. His phone calls last week to the leaders of Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan all sought to reinforce his pledge to strengthen ties with traditional US allies.

He had already spoken to one adversary – Russian President Vladimir Putin – in a call that officials described as practical but straightforward. The White House said Biden addressed a range of issues, including cybersecurity and poisoning the opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Blinken, who was sworn in last week, spoke out on Sunday against the use of “harsh tactics” against the pro-Navalny protests across Russia.

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He wrote, “We renew our call to Russia to release the detainees for exercising their human rights.”

The State Department, which Biden will visit on Monday, has suffered a sharp deterioration in morale under Trump, who liked to refer to the agency as the “deep state department” and has consistently viewed its professionals with suspicion.

Last week, Blinken spoke about the mood in his first employee notes, and said he was ushering in a new era.

“I know that the State Department that I go to today is not the same that I left four years ago,” referring to his time as deputy foreign minister. “A lot has changed. The world has changed. Management has changed.”

Biden is expected to thank the State Department staff when he visits the building on Monday.

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