November 28, 2022

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Bolzano leaves the hospital after four days of treatment

Posted on Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 6:47 pm.

Brazilian President Jair Bolzano was discharged from a hospital in S பாo Paulo on Sunday after being treated for four days for intestinal obstruction.

“I had to go on a diet, I did the right thing, I wanted to leave from the first day, but they did not leave me. I hope I can eat in a few days. A rib,” Bolzano said as he left the Vila Nova Star private hospital.

The far-right president, 66, was admitted to hospital on Wednesday, “to be treated for intestinal paralysis. He will be continued on an outpatient basis by a medical team,” a recent hospital health report said.

Despite being admitted to the hospital, Mr. Paulsonaro continued to perform his duties and was very active on social media, posting photos and political comments, as well as anti-Govt vaccines during the Senate Committee (CBI) investigation against his government for any irregularities in the purchase.

“The ICC continues to make allegations of corruption against me. I did not buy, I did not pay,” he said, facing the press for more than half an hour without wearing a mask.

Jair Bolsanaro also defended his former health minister, General Eduardo Pasuello, whose administration was severely criticized by the Commission of Inquiry.

“Do they want to overthrow the government? I have already said that only God can step down from the presidency,” said Bolzano, who is running for a second term in the 2022 election, for which he left former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

He was rushed to the Armed Forces Hospital in Brasilia overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday due to severe abdominal pain and a hiccup.

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Jair Bolzano was placed in an intensive care unit and “subjected to a precaution”, according to one of his sons, Senator Flavio Bolzano. After being diagnosed with intestinal obstruction, he was transferred to Vila Nova Star Private Hospital in S பாo Paulo.

Since being stabbed in September 2018, during the presidential election campaign, Mr. Bolzano has undergone six surgeries, including five on the digestive system, and suffers from intestinal obstruction.

“My stomach was on fire. The reason was a bowel obstruction, because grafts are a common thing for someone like me who has had surgery after a knife attack,” Bolzano explained in response to questions from reporters.

In the wake of the political crisis and the erosion of his reputation at this new hospital of the president, his government has faced allegations of corruption in contracts negotiated to deal with the epidemic, which has already killed nearly 540,000 lives in the country.