November 28, 2022

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Bosnia’s international defender Srebrenica has been banned from denying genocide

Valentine Inzko, International Defender of Bosnia and Herzegovina on July 26, 2021 in Sarajevo.

A few days before the end of his decree, the High International Representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Austrian Valentine Insco, made the historic decision on July 23 to ban the genocide of Srebrenica. Balkan country between 1992 and 1995. Under the special legislative powers granted to him after the Taton Accords signed in 1995, the diplomat introduced amendments to the Bosnian Penal Code, which required imprisonment of six months to five years. “Publicly acknowledging, denying, too little or attempting to justify genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.”

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“As we see an expansion in the glorification of war criminals, something needs to be done.”, Justifies in an interview World, He is set to retire on Saturday, July 31, after more than a dozen years as head of this international organization that has overseen Bosnia and Herzegovina since the end of the war. Insco, 72. “I would have wanted a local solution, but it failed four or five times in parliament.”, He condemns to justify the use of his special legislative powers for the first time in ten years in this country, still deeply divided among Serbs, Croatians and Bosnians.

Anger of the Bosnian Serbs

The amendments went into effect on Wednesday, July 28th. In theory, the law does not apply specifically to the Srebrenica genocide, during which 8,000 Muslim men and young people were massacred by Serbian forces. But it is clear that the Serbian atheist rhetoric, which has become increasingly widespread in recent years, is the main target of the speech in Bosnia.

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“I was waiting for the final verdict in the case Radovan Karatsik And Radko Mladic [respectivement ex-président et ex-chef militaire des Serbes de Bosnie, condamnés en appel en 2019 et 2020 pour génocide par la justice internationale] Before acting “, Mr. Insco explains, he also mentions the decorations that the two men still enjoy despite being determined.

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The legislative amendments to the International Defender, moreover, provoked the anger of the Bosnian Serbs. From Panja Luka, the capital of their company, MM. Mladic and Karatzik have always been publicly glorified, with leaders of Serbian political parties all announcing on Monday that they would like to boycott the national institutions established in Sarajevo. The representative of the Serbs in the rotating presidency, the nationalist Milorad Dodik, initiated a petition and even branded him a favorite threat. “Shore” Bosnia. However, this politician who recognized the reality of the genocide ten years ago continues to deny its existence.

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