October 2, 2022

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“Breath of the Devil”: Is this new type of aggression increasingly widespread in Hong Kong?

Someone walks up to you, throws you in the face, and then walks away. In Hong Kong, a new type of aggression is raging: the “devil’s breath.” Many have been affected and then their bank accounts are empty.

It is especially famous for its nightlife in Wang Chai, Hong Kong District and is very popular with tourists until the epidemic. Stuart, 36, UK, told AFP: Chatting with a woman on an exit The bar, A man with firm eyes approached him. “At first I thought he was going to hit me, but he blew something in my face. I laughed. But that’s it. I do not remember what happened next.”

The next day, in addition to the blackout, 80,000 Hong Kong dollars (,500 8,500) was released from his bank account.

Managers and regulators at Van Chai bars have created WhatsApp groups on this topic. For months, they have been gathering with similar stories. Most of the victims no longer remember the events. When they wake up, their accounts are emptied by fraudsters who, by drinking their victims, easily extort their secret code and extort money.


Victims called the scam “the devil’s breath.” The name refers to a really powerful scopolamine Medicine Against motion sickness, it can affect the will and cause loss of consciousness. Victims are also shocked by their memory gap. “You can’t figure out how obedient you can be,” Stuart says.

Police acknowledged the increase in crime after the outbreak and said they had stepped up efforts to combat the incident. “When I complained, the police officer sighed and told me he already had 90 files on his desk,” said another 41-year-old Briton, who saw 64,000 HKD (, 6,900) of his account disappear.

Hong Kong is the safest city facing an increase in crime

Until the corona virus infection, drug sneaking into a glass was a rare occurrence in Hong Kong, one of the safest cities in the world. But, with Govit-19, The phenomenon has grown. Like many countries, crime has been on the rise since the crisis began, and the International Monetary Fund has been experiencing its worst recession for decades.

Last year, thefts increased by 26%, fraud by 237% and fraud by 89%, according to statistics. According to police and bar owners, often sex workers drug their future victims, sometimes with the complicity of men.

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