October 2, 2022

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Brisbane is Australia’s fourth largest city due to a renewed epidemic

‘S epidemic resurfaces Corona virus Ann
Australia, Brisbane announced the first three-day lockout on Tuesday evening, local officials said.
The fourth city on the massive island continent Take this step.

In recent weeks, Australia, which has responded to the epidemic, has been praised Cases explode Due to deficiencies in isolated systems for travelers coming from abroad.

Very cautious approach

People from Sydney (Southeast), Darwin (north) and Perth (west) are already subject to a control duty for several days. The move for Brisbane and parts of Queensland means that about 10 million Australians will be imprisoned once it comes into force. “These are difficult decisions,” Queensland’s Prime Minister Annastasia Pallas was quoted as saying. “There are locks in the big cities because the virus comes with foreigners.

Only three positive cases have been detected recently in the big western city, but if it explodes it has long been a very cautious approach. “We know the dangers of the cove, and we know from watching the world that the delta variant should not be given a chance as a new creature,” Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan told a news conference Monday to Tuesday.

Very slow vaccination

Previously dealing with epidemics, Australia faces cases of highly contagious delta variant, which originated in India. The Conservative government has been criticized for slowing down the vaccination campaign and failing to improve its isolated methods. Under pressure, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that vaccination would be mandatory for staff in institutions dealing with the elderly and in isolated centers.

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The government has also been criticized for not disclosing the number of Australians who have been fully vaccinated. Approximately 7.4 million levels have been managed. But some media report that less than 5% of the 25 million Australians have received their two injections. Since the outbreak, only 30,000 cases have been reported in Australia, including 910 deaths.