November 28, 2022

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Bushfires in Israel ignited by fire balloons from Gaza

Firefighters say the launch of fire balloons from a Palestinian base in Gaza has caused Bush in southern Israel, the first such incident in more than three weeks. Firefighters put out the fire. “Three places in a small area in the Eshkol region“, Says a statementOne expert concluded that the fire was caused by inflated balloons.

Israel has in the past responded with night airstrikes targeting the infrastructure of the Hamas movement, which controls the impoverished Palestinian stronghold of Gaza, which has been under siege by about two million people under Israeli siege for 15 years. These balloons from the Palestinian abode were last set on fire in Israel.

Israel announced on July 12 the expansion of the fishing zone Expansion of allowed imports into the Gaza Strip to loosen the grip imposed by the deadly conflict with Hamas in May. A weak ceasefire ended the 11-day lightning war – from May 10 to 21 – the deadliest battle between Israel and Hamas since 2014.

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