Capitol rioters planned to sell stolen Pelosi laptops to Russian intelligence agencies

A Pennsylvania woman accused of being one of the Capitol rioters told a former “romantic partner” that she was planning to steal a laptop from Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi’s office and sell it to Russian intelligence.

Riley June Williams was charged with disorderly conduct on the Capitol grounds with intent to disrupt a session of Congress and other charges after her former flame turned her over.

Williams ex, described as W 1 (Witness 1) in Jonathan Lund’s indictment, called the FBI and told them she “intended to send the computing device to a friend in Russia who then intended to sell the device to SVR . ” , Russia’s foreign intelligence service. “

“According to W1, the transfer of the computing device to Russia failed for unknown reasons, and Williams still has or destroyed the computing device,” the document said.

Lund said the device and the circumstances of what Williams did with it are still under investigation.

The FBI said they spoke to Williams’ mother on Saturday and allegedly said, “She recognized her daughter in the US Capitol, and her daughter suddenly became interested in President Trump’s policies and” far-right message boards. “

Williams, 22, lived in Harrisburg with her mother, The Philadelphia investigator reported.

Pelosi deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill confirmed in a tweet that Pelosi’s laptop was stolen from the conference room on January 6th but was “only used for presentations”.

Corky Siemaszko contributed.

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