CDC is issuing new guidelines for “wearing universal masks” in all activities outside the home

The CDC gave their strongest mask tour to date during the on Friday Covid-19 pandemicand call for the “universal wearing of masks” in all activities outside of the home. The new recommendation comes at the end of a week as the US more than lived through its deadliest day of the pandemic to date 3,100 Lives lost on Thursday alone.

“Convincing evidence now supports the benefits of fabric face masks for both source control (protecting others) and, to a lesser extent, source control Protection of the wearer“says the report.

Other measures, including physical distancing, avoiding unnecessary or overcrowded indoor spaces, Postpone tripFurther testing and contact tracking are also part of the strategy described in the reportwhat warns that “[t]The United States has entered a high-level broadcast phase. “

In the new guidelines, the “universal wearing of face masks” is listed as the first recommendation to stop the spread of the disease. It is said that masks should be worn for all indoor activities outside of a person’s home, as well as for all outdoor activities when at least 6 feet of social distance cannot be maintained.

It is also recommended that you wear masks in your own household if someone who lives there has tested positive for the virus or may have been exposed.

According to the CDC, masks are essential as around 50% of the coronavirus spread comes from people who show no symptoms. The report notes that “colder weather, more time indoors, the ongoing US holiday season, and the silent spread of disease” are all factors that contribute to this Virus explosion across the country.

Study: multi-layer face masks work better


Another recent CDC update found that masks help protect the person wearing one, next to other people. CDC director Robert Redfield has said masks could be the most effective tool for fighting the pandemic, even more than a vaccine.

Even if the US sees one Record increase In COVID-19 cases, nine months after the pandemic, wearing masks remains a contentious issue. Some governors, who originally opposed mask mandates, issued them in November when the hospitals were nearly full, while others – including Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis – still refuse Demanding masks or punishing people who don’t wear them.

The latest CDC report recommends that state and local executives “issue guidelines or guidelines mandating the universal use of face masks indoors (outside the home)”.

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