November 28, 2022

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China criticizes US and EU consulates Tiananmen candles

Candles were lit at the US Consulate in Hong Kong to commemorate the Tiananmen events on June 4, 2021.

China doesn’t really like the gesture. Chinese officials estimate on Friday, June 4, that US officials and EU embassies in Hong Kong lit candles to commemorate the occasion. The Tiananmen Massacre on June 4, 1989 Referred to as a “Clumsy political scene” Aimed at destabilizing the territory.

“Any attempt to exploit Hong Kong to carry out infiltration or sabotage operations against the land. [la Chine continentale] Crossing the Red Fort (…) It is completely intolerable. ”, Said a spokesman for the Hong Kong office of the Chinese Foreign Ministry. “I urge the government to suspend its membership in Hong Kong (…) Interfere in the affairs of Hong Kong and China in general, and avoid playing with fire. ”, He added.

Candles were lit on Friday evening in the windows of the U.S. consulate building adjacent to the Hong Kong president’s home, named after Beijing, Gary Lam and the EU office. These are diplomatic missions Published photos They paid tribute to the meditator made by candles on social media.

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No memories this year

For three decades in Hong Kong, large crowds organized candlelight vigils on June 4 in memory of those killed in 1989 during the repression of the pro-democracy movement in Beijing. But this year, any commemoration was formally banned by Chinese authorities in the former British colony. The police banned Friday for Victoria Park, a traditional parade point for these recalls. The pro-democratic leader who wanted to go there Was arrested. However, some Hong Kong residents have found other ways to commemorate the anniversary, including running small lights on the streets or in the evening.

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An opponent lit a candle in Hong Kong on June 4, 2021.

Authorities imposed restrictions linked to the corona virus infection to block awareness, as they did last year. However, City not registered No local contamination of unidentified origin for more than a month. Last year, The police had already banned it, But observed without interference Thousands of people gathered at Victoria Park. Some organizers have since been jailed.

In a year, The political environment has deteriorated significantly In the former British colony, with the relentless repression of the pro-democracy movement that rallied the masses in the streets in 2019 against Beijing’s intervention.

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