China has arrested more than 80 people in the “fake vaccine” campaign

China has arrested more than 80 people in the "fake vaccine" campaign

According to Xinhua News Agency, police departments in Jiangsu, Beijing and Shandong have arrested more than 80 people involved in the production of more than 3,000 fake doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

Xinhua said the Chinese Ministry of Public Security is investigating crimes related to the manufacture and sale of fake vaccines, “the illegal practice of drugs and fraud under the guise of vaccines.”

Police found that since September 2020, those involved had made “huge profits by providing saline solution in syringes to treat and manufacture fake coronavirus vaccines and sell them at a higher price,” the agency said.

China is vaccinating its residents with shots from two companies, Sinovac and Sinopharm, both of which have also been deployed to other countries, including Turkey.

Both companies initially said their vaccines were more than 78% effective, but the last-stage trials of a Senovac candidate in Brazil It reported an efficacy rate of 50.38%.

Sinovac has committed to its vaccine, even with some countries putting it under review and pausing its rollout, but scientists have asked the company to release more data.

Sinopharm, the state-owned company whose vaccine was The first to be approved in China, He said its product was 79.34% effective in trials.
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