November 28, 2022

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China restricts foreign travel for its nationals

Passport and other documents required for foreign travel will be issued only in case of “compulsory reason”.

Beijing announced on Wednesday, August 4, that China will tighten foreign travel restrictions on its citizens as China faces a renewed Govt-19 epidemic on its soil.

Immigration services temporarily go “Stop issuing passports and other documents“Necessary for foreign travel”Unless there is a strong reasonLiu Haitaw, one of the officials from the Immigration Office, told reporters. He told reporters that the move would only apply to Chinese nationals.

The duration of the suspension is unknown. It is also not immediately clear whether Chinese nationals who already have the necessary documents to travel abroad are allowed to do so.

Since the spring of 2020 the country has almost eradicated the disease from its soil and life has largely returned to normal despite a few epidemics – from time to time and until then very localized. But since the new cases of Govt-19 were discovered in Nanjing (East) last month, the focus has spread rapidly and now affects 18 provinces.

China on Wednesday registered 71 new cases, the highest number of local infections in a single day since January. This pollution increase is still low compared to the statistics recorded in other countries. But this focus has been on China’s most important geographical scale in recent months.

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