Coincidence: Wow, the PS5 really dwarfs the switch

Journalists and influencers already have got their hands on Sony’s newest PlayStationand yesterday we saw a flurry of pictures of the shiny new console – many of which pretty clearly showed what the one absolute unity it is.

The PS5 is the largest PlayStation to date in terms of size and overshadows its next-generation rival, the Xbox Series X.. However, it is the comparison with the bold Nintendo Switch that Really hammers home how massive this console is; IGN placed them next to each other and the difference in scaling is noticeable.

But then Naturally it is. The Switch is a hybrid console that is based on mobile technology and can be played on the go and on your TV so it’s pretty obvious that the PS5 is going to be one bigger boi – but the fact that it’s so much bigger is still somewhat surprising, especially when you consider that, despite the technical divide between them, these two machines are likely to compete for the same audience at Christmas and beyond (especially when the Reports one updated switch in 2021 are on the money).

While your seasoned gamer obviously knows that the PS5 and Xbox Series X (and indeed the Series S) represent a sizeable generational leap beyond Switch (which already lagged behind the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of grunt so we can Don’t forget), the average punter (or parent) is going to be a lot less savvy – and they may even think twice about investing in a PS5 when they realize they need to scale up their IKEA TV unit to record them and opt for the less powerful (but arguably more versatile) switch instead?

Heck, based on these photos, Nintendo’s offer is one quantity easier to integrate into your TV cabinet.

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