November 28, 2022

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Commander Masood’s brother says the Taliban did not take over the whole of Panjir

Ahmed Wali Masood, the brother of the late Taliban commander Ahmed Shah Masood, promised on Tuesday (September 7) that the Taliban had not captured the entire Panjir region of Afghanistan.

The Taliban came with terrorists to go on Panjir Road. Those who know the geography of Panch will know it. They came to take a road … but there are many valleys in Panchirவா, Ahmed Wali Masood announced during a seminar on Afghanistan organized by the Swiss University and the United Nations Permanent Mission to Afghanistan at Geneva. “So as they went on the road, don’t think they took the panjirHe stressed with the French writer Bernard Henry-Levy.

The Taliban claimed control of the Panjir Valley on Monday and warned anyone opposing them. It is difficult to access the Banjir Valley, 80 km north of Kabul, the last stronghold of the Taliban in the armed struggle, which seized power on August 15 with a lightning military campaign.

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“We are still alive”

Ahmed Wali Masood urges Taliban “Panjir did not pick up. ⁇We have thousands more fighters in the valley and they can come back anytime“, he said. “We were attacked, but we did not die, we are still alive.

Panjir, a long-standing anti-Taliban stronghold, helped make the famous General Ahmed Shah Masood famous before he was assassinated by al-Qaeda in the late 1980s, the son of General Masood, the National Opposition Front (FNR) led by Ahmed Masood. Panjir did not fall for the first time in a decade under Soviet occupation or when the Taliban came to power in the 1980s.

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Ahmed Wali Masood called on the international community not to recognize and support the Taliban regime.The cause of the puncture. ⁇We fight for our rights, for freedom, for democracy, for human rights … this is not a war. Therefore, now is the last chance to fight terrorism in Afghanistan and around the world.“, He started, called”Resistance.