November 28, 2022

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Controversy after 200 dogs and cats were evicted in the United Kingdom

The British evacuation operation departed on Saturday with the plane carrying its last crew, while hundreds of Afghans eligible to take off were left behind. Also on the last flights to London, about 200 dogs and cats.

The British government has authorized the transportation of about 200 dogs and cats from Kabul to a shelter by a former Marine who flew in a special charter flight from Kabul on Saturday. The British expulsion operation ended on Saturday.

The union’s Afghanistan staff and their relatives were unable to reach the airport to leave. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced on Wednesday that he would allow dogs and cats to ventilate from Kabul.

Harsh criticism in the country

When Thousands of Afghans have tried to flee the country since the Taliban came to power, Fearing a return to their repressive methods, the issue has been the subject of debate in the UK for days.

“(Paul Farting) and the animals left Afghanistan this afternoon and we are relieved to make sure they are safe now,” he said. On Facebook The name of the association is Na Now Chad

“If he comes with his animals, we’ll see a place for his plane,” tweeted Ben Wallace, a former soldier who opened a dog and cat shelter in Kabul on Wednesday and now wants to evacuate it. Dogs and 60 cats and its Afghan staff and their relatives.

The day before, he had promised that he was “not going to give priority to animals over frustrated men, women and children knocking on doors.” In the wake of animal rights activist Dominic Dyer, the minister “should resign”, and later became angry. The latter was delighted in a tweet on Wednesday, saying the ministerial post had been relaxed due to the intervention of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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The union staff could not climb

The British government has issued visas to all union employees, Now Now Chad and their families, namely 68, Paul Farting announced in a tweet on Monday. But the union’s Afghanistan staff and their relatives could not reach the airport to leave.

Thousands of Afghans gathered at the airport in the capital for several days, with more than 6,000 American soldiers, some with their entire families, being rescued in hopes of catching one of the planes arranged by the West.

Washington has already helped evacuate more than 110,000 people, including 5,500 Americans, since air traffic was set up on August 14, the day before the Taliban entered Kabul and seized power.

The UK has deported more than 15,000 people. Many thousands of foreigners or Afghans feared for their lives, mostly because they worked for government or NATO forces that fell during the 20-year war, and were expelled from the West.

Jean Blunt with AFP BFMTV Reporter