October 2, 2022

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Controversy over a pistol similar to a Lego toy

An American company has created controversy by selling tools like Lego to hide real guns, while guns kill hundreds of children in the United States every year. The initiative prompted the Danish toy manufacturer to send a formal notice to the company in question. “Our organization contacted LEGO and then sent a formal notification letter to the irresponsible arms manufacturer.”On Tuesday, July 13, Shannon Watts, founder of the Moms Needs Action Association, campaigned to strengthen the law on weapons.

Red, yellow and blue bricks: dangerously similar to a toy, nicknamed the “Black 19”, a semi-automatic weapon customized by Culber Precision Company based in Utah, Western America, priced from $ 549 to $ 765. “Here comes one of our childhood dreams come true”, Explained the company in a promotional release for “Block 19” posted on Instagram on June 24th. “Guns are cool. It is better to shoot with a weapon ”, Can also be read on its website on a page dedicated to the product, now deleted.

“It is irresponsible and unimaginable. Even if guns are not like toys, children can use them. ”Ms Watts tweeted Tuesday. “In 2021, there were more than 165 accidental shootings by children.”, He added, based on figures from the Evertown organization. Last year, 142 people “died after accidentally shooting children or minors,” the same source said.

Brandon Scott, head of Culber Precision, confirmed Washington Post After receiving a formal notification from Lego and having sold less than twenty “Black 19” pistols, it was decided to comply with their request. The controversy comes at a time when the struggle against President Joe Biden is on“Most Widespread Infectious Disease” Gun violence in the United States was one of the priorities of his tenure. The Democrats put forward presidential measures in June to curb the spread of guns at the federal level, but Congress is very divided and Democrats are struggling to do things.

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