November 28, 2022

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Criticized from all sides, Joe Biden falls in the election

Whether justified or not, Joe Biden is paying the price for 20 years of American politics Afghanistan. In front Taliban express attack And the collapse of the Afghan security forces, the whole world saw its scenes Panic at Kabul airport. If the exits were as organized as possible, Joe Biden would have backed down drastically on the ballot. For the first time in his tenure, many Americans were not satisfied with his policy. A minus ago, his popularity rating was +9.

Although the withdrawal of U.S. troops was negotiated by Donald Trump, three out of four Americans are critical of the Biden administration, according to a poll released by CBS this weekend. When asked about these figures, the White House tenant laughed Sunday. “I think they will clearly understand what I did when it was all over the United States,” he said. “This is my job,” he told reporters. “My job is to make decisions that no one else can or does not want to make.”

Questions about August 31st

Joe Biden is in a race against the clock against the deadline for the final withdrawal of U.S. troops, which is due to end on August 31, but could delay the expulsion of tens of thousands of Afghans. When London and Paris demand extension The presence of the last American soldiers, Joe Biden seems to have left the door. “We hope we don’t have to prolong,” he said: “There will be discussions, I think.”

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On Monday, the Taliban warned that August 31 was a red line and that there would be “consequences” if “aggression” continued.

“A Surrender” according to Donald Trump

In Washington, the Republicans – but also the media – severely determined the lack of apparent preparation for the “impending catastrophe” and the “tragic chaos.” Kevin McCarthy thundered, especially in the House of Representatives, that the Biden administration had “, as you can guess, given an entire country to terrorists”. At an election rally in Alabama, Donald Trump added: It is not withdrawal, it is surrender. “

Not in the media in the early days of the crisis, Joe Biden is trying to straighten things out. In addition to the daily Pentagon updates, the U.S. president now regularly confronts journalists. On Monday, the White House communications said that since August 14, 37,000 people have been expelled from Afghanistan. On Sunday alone, about 30 U.S. military planes evacuated 10,400 people, adding 5,900 evacuations by 61 coalition aircraft. But the damage to Joe Biden – and the Afghans – is already over.