November 28, 2022

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Cruel abandonment of women

Editorial of “The World”. Dark retreat. Following the withdrawal of their forces, Western nations involved with the United States in Afghanistan will end their repatriation in July. The worst took their Afghan collaborators and translators with them, thus avoiding some retaliation from the Taliban.

Famous, this departure from Afghanistan is almost pathetic, which resembles an abandonment. The longest U.S. intervention abroad since the September 11, 2001 attacks to prevent al-Qaeda from planning other attacks from its Afghan cave ended with a tragic record twenty years later. The war claimed the lives of tens of thousands of civilians, more than 3,500 NATO troops and many Afghan soldiers, not to mention the wounded and paralyzed.

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The Taliban, who were ousted from power at the start of the US offensive, and the fundamentalists who defended Osama bin Laden are making a spectacular comeback as foreign forces leave the territory in several districts of the country. Their progress since the US completed its military withdrawal on July 3 has taken experts by surprise. In Kabul, which is ruled by the Taliban and the current regime, the idea of ​​a government with national unity seems more or less possible.

Unmanageable war

Realistically, the Biden administration is not worried about an invincible war on the other side of the world, as many emergencies have monopolized it in its own country and elsewhere. In Washington, there is no doubt that the Iraq defeat has, for some time, cooled the intensity of those who support foreign intervention. In intervening in Afghanistan, the US President argues that the US does not intend to rebuild that country. “Only the Afghans and themselves need to determine their future and how they want to run their country.” He promises. It. However, in twenty years, they have changed the lives of many Afghans. One type of population, in particular, will lose a lot as Westerners leave: women.

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In fact, they are the ones most at risk if the Taliban return to power in Kabul. In twenty years, their status has changed significantly. With no difficulty, they entered the school (today, 40% of Afghan children who go to school are girls), and at university, they have invested in sectors of the work world that are strictly forbidden to them, including those subject to the police. Fundamentalists have done everything to stop this growth. They killed female journalists, doctors, police officers and artists. They massacred schoolgirls and attacked maternity hospitals. For all these women, the war is not over.

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During their five-year rule, from 1996 until American intervention, the Taliban imposed severe interpretation and total subjugation of Islamic law on Afghan women and girls, severely punishing the rebels. Education beyond the age of eight was banned. For Afghan women, whom the United States is proud to help liberate by opening up the opportunity for equality to themselves, the return of the Taliban will be a major step. Whatever Joe Biden says, in this regard, this withdrawal is really an abandonment.

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