October 2, 2022

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Daily death record for the fifth consecutive day

697. This is the number of deaths Due to Kovit-19 identified by the Russian government, This Saturday, a record for the fifth day in a row when the country is severely affected by diversity
Delta. In detail, Russia registered 24,439 new cases, the highest number since the country was cleared in mid-January.

The second murderous wave. The capital is Moscow, The main center of the epidemic, has recorded 116 deaths in the last twenty-four hours, which is very close to its own record set at the beginning of the week.

Of the 146 million Russians, only 23.6 were vaccinated

The corona virus epidemic resumed in Russia from mid-June Against the backdrop of the dull vaccine campaign. Launched in December, it has so far relied on only 23.6 million of the 146 million Russians, or 16% of the population, who are skeptical of national vaccines. In several regions, including Moscow, authorities have taken steps to encourage Russians to get vaccinated, for example, the introduction of a health pass to go to restaurants in the capital.

Moscow also launched a restructuring campaign on Thursday for those who received the first two doses six months ago. They are given a third injection to further strengthen their protection against new species.

Vladimir Putin insists on “asking the experts.”

The president is calling on his fellow citizens to get vaccinated again Vladimir Putin insisted on Wednesday that “ask the experts.” Not rumors of Govt-19, but at the same time opposing a national vaccine duty. The Kremlin, which has acknowledged that it has not reached the 60% target for vaccination by August, has refused any national prison to protect a weak economy.

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Nationwide, the epidemic has so far caused more than 5.5 million out of 137,262 deaths, according to official figures. Rossstadt, the broadest statistician for corona virus-related deaths, recorded 270,000 deaths at the end of April.