November 28, 2022

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Death of Robert Paris Moses, a prominent civil rights activist in the United States

Robert Moses, June 26, 2014, during the 50th anniversary of the Independence Summer in Jackson, Mississippi (USA).

Robert Paris Moses, a prominent American civil rights activist, died on Sunday, July 25, at the age of 86. The so-called “pop” ended the split in Mississippi as local director of the Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) – one of the main organizations of the African American rights movement. Citizens in the 1960s.

He played a key role in the Independence Summer campaign of 1964, in which hundreds of students from the North traveled south with activists in Mississippi.

“Bob Moses was one of my heroes. His quiet faith helped shape the civil rights movement, and he has inspired many generations of young people who want to make a difference.”Former President Barack Obama said On Twitter.

“We were all on the verge of being killed.”

Robert Paris Moses was born on January 23, 1935, in the vicinity of Harlem, New York. His grandfather, William Henry Moses, was a prominent Southern Baptist pastor and a supporter of Marcus Carvey, a black nationalist leader in the early 1900s. Century.

Like many black families, the Moses family emigrated from the south to settle in the north during the African-American “Great Migration”. Once in Harlem, according to Laura Wisser-Mason’s book, she sold milk from a black co-op. Robert Paris Moses: Civil rights and grassroots leadership (University of North Carolina, May 2016).

In 1960, Robert Moses moved south and became secretary of the SNCC. A young civil rights activist is trying to get black people on the voter list in rural Amit County, Mississippi, where he is beaten and arrested. He complains to his white assailant that he will be acquitted by a white arbitrator.

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In 1963, he and two other activists, James Travis and Randolph Blackwell, were driving in Greenwood, Mississippi when someone opened fire on them and touched 20-year-old James Travis. “We were all on the verge of being killed.”, Then he said in a statement.

In 1964, in addition to the Independence Summer campaign, he was one of the key founders of the Mississippi Independent Democratic Party, a group of Democratic candidates who challenged all white missions to the Mississippi National Convention.

Robert Moses later worked as a teacher in Tanzania, earning a doctorate in philosophy before returning to Harvard. He later taught mathematics at Cambridge (Massachusetts) High School, and later to Jackson (Mississippi).

In 1982, he founded Algebraic project Thanks to the MacArthur Foundation Scholarship Program – a grant given to about 30 Americans each year, it is considered to be intelligent, creative, motivating and doing important work – to improve the mathematical knowledge of the lower population. He saw the project as a continuation of the civil rights struggle he led in the 1960s. “Giving confidence to young people by accessing a mathematical culture was an issue for him as a matter of citizenship, as essential as the right to vote.” According to Ben Moynihan of Project Algebra.

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