Direct news about the Coronavirus: France records record new cases, and the World Health Organization warns of an increase in cases in Europe “very worrying” | world News


The NHS is in talks to roll out a possible vaccine from December



In a completely different election race, in a country that had a completely different response to the Coronavirus:

It has been called Covid elections, with the daily regime stabilizing.

But it turned into the strangest general election campaign New Zealanders have ever seen, as most of the country desperately longs for an end and resumption of some semblance of normality in a very unnatural year.

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After a month-long delay due to the coronavirus outbreak in Auckland, the country’s largest city, New Zealanders will finally head to polling booths on Saturday.

But with a record million people pre-casting their vote, even Election Day will be muted.

The lack of excitement and silent atmosphere is linked to everything related to Covid and the overwhelming success that Jacinda Ardern has had in managing the epidemic. For many struggling with job loss and uncertainty, the election is an unwelcome fast bump hindering a quick return to their old lives.

For months, polls showed that the Labor Party was ahead of the opposition National Party, and is now 15 points ahead He has a score of 46%, with Ardern also leading in the polls as the preferred Prime Minister.


US cases close to 8 million

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NBC host Savannah Guthrie leads Trump City Council in a way that we’ve rarely seen a supervisor or interlocutor do with the president over the past four years.

After the scene of the first debate, when Trump conducted more than 100 boycotts on some count, it was a breath of fresh air for many viewers:


I’m glad Trump agreed to another discussion. She didn’t realize he’d be with Savannah Guthrie.

October 16, 2020




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