October 2, 2022

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[Direct] Results of Guyana’s regional elections

Follow our best election evening live to know all about this first round of regional elections in Guyana

Discover all the news and results of the first round of regional elections: information, candidates, polls, results, first reactions … This is an evening to enjoy live on our radio – TV and internet antennas.

As a reminder, Guyana is divided into eight divisions

Each list is divided into eight sections to represent all voters.

Hot Maroni, which unites the municipalities of Maribasoula, Popoyton, Grand Shanti and Abbott: 7 selected locations in the CDG for Hot Maroni
Further down the river: 9 seats are reserved for the CDG for the Saint-Laurent section. And 3 seats for Lower Mana, Mana and Avala Yalimabo.
Eight municipalities from Iraq, Chinnamari, Kaurav and Saint-Eli were elected to the CDG for the Savannah region.
In the extension, there are 6 sites for the Greater Crown, where the municipalities of Macauria, Montessori-Donagrande, and Roura are found.
Division Cain with the highest number of elected officers: 12 elected.
La Petit Courn, by Maduro, has 11 seats in the Remire-Montjoli
Finally, Ojobak will select 3 people to represent Regina, St. Georges, Kamopi and O’Neill in the future CDG

Best Election Night Live!

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