October 2, 2022

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Dozens of deaths in the Vancouver area

A person is cold at a station set up on June 27, 2021 on the streets of Vancouver, Canada.

Since Monday, there has been an increase in sudden deaths in the Vancouver area. On Tuesday, June 29, two regional Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) police stations separately announced that at least 69 people had been killed in the cities of Barnaby and Surrey.

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“We believe the heat contributed to most of the deaths.”, A police report said most of the victims were elderly.

“This time is dangerous for vulnerable members of our community, especially the elderly and those with basic health problems.”Burnaby RCMP spokesman Mike Kalanch urges the public “See if their relatives and neighbors are okay”.

John Colgan, Prime Minister of British Columbia, immediately echoed a message: “This is the hottest week the British Columbians have ever seen, He told a news conference. There are consequences for that, there are bad consequences for families and communities, but again, the way to achieve this extraordinary time is to stick together and check [l’état de santé] To make sure there are cold packs in the refrigerator, those of us familiar with the danger. “

The duration of the heat chapter is worrying

The Canadian city on the Pacific coast has been recording temperatures above 30 C for several days, well above the normal 21 ° C this season.

Mercury reached 49.5 C in the village of Lytton, northeast of Vancouver, according to the Canada Meteorological Service.

“The duration of this heat wave is worrying because there is little rest at night (…). This achievement will increase the risk of heat wave heat related diseases.”, The Canadian Ministry of Environment warned on its weather site.

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Heat wave warnings have been issued from Canada for the eastern provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as the northern Yukon and northwestern regions, in addition to British Columbia.

“Heat Dome” event

This heat wave, which caused several wildfires on both sides of the Canada-United States border, is illustrated by an event “Thermal Dome” : High pressures catch hot air in the region.

“Concentrations of greenhouse gases cause heat waves to become more frequent and intense due to global warming. They start earlier and end later, causing an ever-increasing number in human health and health systems.”, The Geneva-based World Meteorological Organization warned on Tuesday.

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