Emily Cave, wife of late Eulers’ player, puts Covid skeptics in their place

Emily Cave, wife of late Eulers' player, puts Covid skeptics in their place

Late wife Edmonton Oilers Colby Cave criticized people for not protecting themselves and others in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Emily Cave, whose husband died in April after suffering a brain haemorrhage, urged her followers to take precautions seriously as Albert County began narrowing the screws again due to a spike in injuries.

Colby Cafe Edmonton Oilers dies at age 25, family announces

“I’ve kept my views on COVID for myself or people in my close circle,” she wrote on Instagram Stories on Thursday, “but today I’ve reached breaking point with Alberta imposing new restrictions.”

“Personally, I see and hear a lot of people complaining. I understand that a lot of people feel that they will not get it, and if they do that they will survive it, however, what would happen if a member of your family fell ill quickly with something else, had a car accident, or was dying?” Then due to COVID restrictions you weren’t allowed to be with them?!?!? My 25-year-old husband died alone … I have no idea what his last breath was like … I haven’t yet been able to hold a funeral due to this global pandemic “.

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Colby Cave, who played for the Boston Bruins and Oilers, was 25 years old when he passed away in April. He was put into a medical coma after suffering a brain haemorrhage and underwent surgery to remove a colloid cyst that was still causing pressure on his brain.

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Emily said how surprised her post went viral. She just wanted people to know how the pandemic was affecting many lives, including her own.

She wrote: “For good, wear a mask. Wash your terrifying hands, it’s not the end of your world if you can’t go to home parties or do things that are essentially ‘luxury’ in your blessed world. Because let me tell you …

“It is not a luxury for your husband to die alone. It is not a luxury to receive a phone call saying he is dead compared to being there holding his hand. It is not a luxury for losing a loved one during a terrible global pandemic.”

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