October 2, 2022

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Euro 2020 Opening Ceremony Divides Football Fans

The kickoff of Euro 2020 kicked off this Friday, June 11th. Football fans were there, eagerly waiting for the event. Nevertheless, the launch ceremony divided Internet users.

This is a great night for all football fans! After a five-year wait, The Euro 2020 tournament finally kicked off this Friday, June 11th. The European Football Championship has been postponed for a year due to a corona virus infection. What a joy it is for all footballers to see their champions and a well-filled football field on their screens. It brings to mind the pleasant moments before Govt-19. But then, which of the 24 teams will compete against France, who won the coveted title in 2016? Response at Wembley Stadium in London on 11 July.

To start this gigantic competition, Italy faced Turkey at the Stadio Olympics in Rome. But before the start of this sixteenth edition, French audiences met behind the scenes to discover the short release ceremony of the competition. One thing is for sure, it has particularly divided internet users. Two clans were known on Twitter, those who loved it and those who hated it!

Opposing ideas

Andrea Bocelli, Italy’s largest tenant, was unanimous in explaining No dorma, Iconic wind Durandot. This piece, taken from Giacomo Puccini’s opera, ends with meaningful words, especially during a sporting event: “All Wins! Winsor! Winsor! This means: “I will win at dawn!” I will win! I will win!

If the talent of this great opera singer was undeniable and thrilled numerous tweets, internet users would have been very disappointed by the special effects of this launch event. Some do it “The worst ceremony of the euro“Others had it”Slapped“.

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While some were disappointed at this opening ceremony, on the other hand, the magic worked. Internet users were amazed by the presence and scenes of the dances, Andrea Bocelli. DJ Martin Garrix gave a virtual performance that had its effect. Therefore, the Edge of the Bono and U2 band were to sing the official anthem of the Euro on the giant hologram: We are just people. A moment outside (and contagious) had its effect.