November 28, 2022

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Floods and evacuations in North Korea, Kim Jong Un sends your equipment

Vehicles on flooded streets in North Korea's southern province of Hamjiong, from an unnamed video of a North Korean state broadcaster.

On Sunday (August 8), North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered relief supplies to be sent to flood-hit parts of the country. About 5,000 people had to be evacuated from there.

The images, aired Saturday by state broadcaster KCTV, showed flooding and damaged bridges the size of houses’ roofs following heavy rains. “Hundreds of hectares of farmland” The channel reports that roads and houses were damaged after the sinking and breaking water broke in the southern province of southern Hamjiyong.

Bad weather comes after Kim Jong Un admitted in June that his country was facing off “Tension food situation”.

According to the state-run KCNA news agency, the southern Hamjiang province was ordered to send supplies and financial assistance on Sunday to return to normalcy. Officials from the province discussed the matter on Thursday “Emergency measures to expedite the stabilization of life in the most affected areas”, She clarified.

“Until August 10” Heavy rain forecast

Ri Yong Nam, North Korea’s vice president of meteorological services, told KCTV that more rain would cause more damage as the soil was already wet. “We expect heavy rain in many areas, mainly near the east coast, until August 10”, He continued.

According to the United Nations Food Program (FAO) released in July, North Korea will face a food shortage of 860,000 tons this year. The company warned “A Hard Lean Period Between August and October”.

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The North Korean regime has long struggled to feed its people under international sanctions for its banned military programs and continues to suffer from food shortages. Pressure on the North Korean economy has increased with regular border closures and a series of storms and floods in 2020 to combat the corona virus epidemic.

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North Korea suffered the worst famine in the 1990s, with hundreds of thousands of people killed as aid was cut off from Moscow after the Soviet collapse.

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