October 2, 2022

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Former South African President Jacob Zuma is being held captive by militants

Half an hour before the final warning set by the courts at midnight expires, former South African President Jacob Zuma has decided to surrender, despite all contradictions. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison in a contempt case and was taken into custody on Wednesday evening, July 7, announcing the basis on which he would be represented.

“President Zuma has decided to comply with the prison order. He is going to a correctional facility.” He was stationed in his home province of KwaZulu-Natal on the border of the Indian Ocean, he said in a message on Twitter. Police confirmed On Twitter, What “Former South African President Jacob Zuma is in custody.”.

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not that “Confession of guilt”However, Zuma’s spokesman Emswanel Mani insisted.

Mr. in Nkandla in the Zulu country (east). A car of ten cars sped off at Zuma’s house. At 1:30 a.m., he entered the confines of the Escort Prison. It’s there “Mr. Jacob Kettlehelekiza Zuma has been allowed to begin serving his sentence.”, The prison administration said in a statement.

Jacob Zuma was convicted last week by the Constitutional Court for stubbornly answering questions from the Commission of Inquiry into Corruption. By Sunday evening, he had five days to pick himself up as a prisoner at the Nkandla or Johannesburg police station, otherwise police were ordered to arrest him by midnight on Wednesday. Faced with this final warning, he has long wanted to choose the act of intimidation. Hundreds of his supporters, some of them armed, have been called to reunite in Nkandla. Denying the trap of a confrontation, the police have remained silent, although a significant number of laws have been violated, ranging from obstruction of justice to anti-Govt.

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Supporters of Jacob Zuma gathered outside his home in Nkandla, South Africa, on Wednesday, July 7.

The uncertainty of his arrest

The former president, who is familiar with the courts, has also increased the number of legal solutions. He received the Constitutional Court to reconsider his sentence in a new trial scheduled for July 12. He also demanded that his arrest be stayed, but the decision should be delivered by a court in Petersburg (East) on Friday.

These legal actions have raised suspicions that he was arrested. His son Edward Zuma, who spoke in the evening to the faithful of the charismatic leader gathered in Nkandla, said he should enter the property “Pass the body”, His father added “Its the best”.

Mr. Police have hinted in recent days that they may drop arresting Zuma. In a letter sent to the Constitutional Court on Monday, he announced that the judiciary would not intervene before the results of the appeal. But in a face-to-face meeting Wednesday morning, police minister Becky Cele said “Not ready to face charges of contempt of justice” For non-execution of the order.

Jacob Zuma, who questioned the impartiality of the judges, demanded that his sentence be reconsidered. Uncertain, Argues that imprisonment will condemn him “A death sentence” In the context of infection. He also warned that in front of his supporters on Saturday, police should expect violence “Courage” Stop it. But as soon as it was announced that he was being detained, groups of supporters gathered in Nkandla evaporated.

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The “unstable” state of health

Ruling National Congress (ANC) spokesman Phule Mabe hailed the victory“Freedom of the Rule of Law and Justice” In this young democracy.

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Mr. Zuma was accused of plundering public resources during his nine-year rule. Since the formation of the State Corruption Commission of Inquiry in 2018, some forty witnesses have been implicated. Zuma is accelerating to avoid testifying.

In November 2020, Jacob Zuma, who was summoned to testify, fled without recognition in the middle of his trial. He then ignored the other summons, and then, following his “Stalingrad tactics” (duly attacking the entire judicial process, daring all legal inquiries, pretending to be a victim without any motive), he assaulted Judge Sondo’s person, and headed the Commission of Inquiry himself. Says. These maneuvers earned him a prison sentence from the Constitutional Court for contempt of court.

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